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He to birmingham this is yellowhammer news i'm andrea thais a political action committee is causing controversy here in alabama for the special election highway thirty one superpac is for democrat doug jones highway thirty one superpac is putting out internet adds that claims voters casting a ballot on december twelve will become part of public record the ad then calls jones opponent republican roy more a child predator suggesting that a vote for more will be made known to communities highways thirty one superpac will not disclose its donors the group is spending two million dollars in as to promote jones and two escaped inmates from the saint clair correctional facility are still on the run this morning 27yearold antoine wilson and 27yearold ronald king broke out of that facility on monday morning wilson a survey being a sentence for robbery king is in prison for burglary rape and sexual torture both men are black wilson his five foot tall one hundred forty five pounds king is six foot one hundred and sixty pounds the alabama law enforcement agency and the us marshals task force are all part of the search the most popular pickup trucks in the country had been recalled jay holland with yellowhammer news has the story f one fifty pickups in two thousand sixteen ford explorer suvs have been recalled by ford because of faulty bolts that secure front seats on certain 2016 models owners of more than two hundred thousand of the industry's best selling pickup and one of his most popular suvs will receive letters asking them to bring their vehicles bag to four dealers to have bolts holding their seat backs in place inspected ford says there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries related to the faulty bolts for the yellowhammer news radio network i'm jay holland this news is brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com i'm andrea ties.

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