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And I started using Madison Reed on kidding love this stuff. This is gorgeous professional hair-color delivered to your door for less than twenty five dollars. I I really liked the result. It's gorgeous, shiny multidimensional. Healthy looking hair. It covers my gray. Yes. I had some it's game changing color. I do at home, and it's actually kind of fun. So what makes Madison we'd color unique? It said it's crafted by master colorist who blend nuances of light dark cool and warm to create over forty five gorgeous, multi, tonal shades. So you can find your perfect shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. So safer work listeners. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with code safe. That's code safe. At Madison dash Reed dot com. All right, folks. We have worked pop coming up in just a minute here. But before we jump into that if you have a work dilemma and want to call in to talk to us on the show, it's super easy to do. We just need you to send us an Email. You can reach us at safe at wondering dot com, again our Email is safe at wondering dot com now, let's take a call from a listener who's having a tough time fighting burn out. So we have Robin on the line, Robin. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi, schoolteacher tell us. What your issue is? What you dealing with? You know, I'm dealing with some burnout teaching can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Yeah. And this last summer, I actually took my summer off and enjoyed it which I was not as prepared for school year. I haven't past years normally, I have less. Plans and things prepared through Christmas break my first year. Teaching I worked about eighteen hours a day just to make it through the next day. And I was still scrambling. Teachers are amazing. I mean, it is that kind of job where I think those of us who are not teachers to do not understand how much follow up there is how many hours after the school days over. I mean, it's physically exhausting to be in a classroom all day. And then it's like, you have a whole another job at the end of the day, the emotional responsibility. That goes with it too. I'm sure sure I do grading. I have two hundred students. I teach American cleanline-, which we film, everything of cool. If I only give my students one.

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