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Who's recorded office great sound quality how many pages of youtube take your iphone that's a recording over recording you get the point shaking his arm also play last time it was fortnight right was it was fortnight before it was the weather you can fill it harm got no excuses he'll come up with something that two hundred million remake while this funny that he said you know the mets marlins this weekend because maggie yesterday is like she is just racking her brain on the things that you could be doing in miami versus going to met's marlins don't blame it it was pretty easy actually to come up with these but the problem is not the problem but it's interesting now because i was kicking around things that i would do if i was in miami before mets marlins and then bart chimes and he's like my weekend would look a lot different than yours oh no kidding but it really inspired me to do to top five lists and one is the regular person version and then the second is the pro athlete version okay so shall we get ready here we'll take a little drum roll here so these are the top five things for regular person to do in miami besides go to mets marlins number five visit your nanna number four watch highlight number three stand behind a velvet rope that number to injure yourself on a jetski and the number one thing to do for regular as a regular person aside from mets marlins blow we'll take the symbols at the end thomas is a symbols at the end three minutes here's the pro athlete version of what pro athletes would do in miami aside from going to the mets marlins game number five renton yod number four get cla media number three sunbathe with a car dash number to make an appointment with tony bosch and the number one thing a pro athlete would do aside from mets marlins well yeah well done thank you tom you gotta with the symbols coach i'm going to get one of those big vaudeville hooks that's just gonna yankee off the stage every time we've already had one to twelve hundred sixty three seven sixty six sixty six live from the.

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