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At folly pavilion, the Irish trailing the Bruins twenty four to twenty and right now, again, UCLA huge and they're just dominating the boards. And you've gotta love the spark of his Notre Dame team. And again, all of the the the young players. This is Nick. That has the potential shoot the ball. Well freshman shot well in high school the veterans have shot at well in the past. But they're searching for that offense rhythm that will come with experience experiencing Tennessee, the Bill over year gonna be tough to build it against this huge blank. Athletic UCLA team. And I think a lot of it is just adjusting to oppose Matt fairly distance. I don't think we definitely gave him enough credit while he was here. He was so good at bringing the defense just a little bit over this way little bit over that way setting guys up for passes where they get wide open. Looks just by little looking up the defense and pump fakes those things. He did a good job orchestrating the offense. We're just missing a little bit of that. So far it will come with time and reps. But a lot of young guys out there. Jay Gibbs led the ACC in the regular season last year and three point percentage, but has struggled this year hands it off to Pflueger Pflueger, right? Sided shovels out to kids little miscommunication there Pflueger through it in the corner gives wasn't ready to go. They just had miscommunication. They both just took the blame for it. That's fine. Just don't do it. Again. Chips the ball back over to UCLA and the Bruins leading by four. Bring the ball up the floor the basketball now, it comes on over to Wilks Wilks throws, you Riley and Riley, bullying his way through Harvey and Harvey is going to be called for the foul. He didn't have position Harvey kinda got caught in no man's land. There were brain was telling him to take his char- ticket charges body wasn't imposition. The kind of just got caught got wax. A little insult injury. There Barbie taking the blow in the foul Soldo. Riley. You're gonna go to the line where he comes into the game. Just a fifty six percent free. Throw shooter UCLA has one for four from the line. So far tonight. I make a two for five. UCLA's led by as many as seven back at the thirteen fifty seven Mark Irish scored the first six points of the game. Have not led sense. Riley makes them both. Twenty six twenty six point UCLA lead three zero seven remaining first half of play one to two track. Fresh put on by UCLA breaks time with Enes pub with basketball hope between the circles dribbling to his left. Hot left byline extended. Download Mooney Mooney jumped looking the lane in and out. No luck. They're good shot. Good. Look, no luck. Now racing racing down the floor pulls it back out. Jay Leno, hands backup talk kitchen on ham Smith with the basketball up top Wilkes back. The hands shock locks cans now bound past the lane to Riley shocks. No good. And it's rebounded by Pflueger way. Too far down the floor up tries to save it does. But unfortunately, the Chris Smith. Smith now shovels it in the corner for the three of his taken in by Wilkes rebound out by hill out there. Deejay harvey. Helping Don looney download reachable top of batted the ball back up the hills. Like the fans don't like to call a DJ hobbies leg. I gotta be honest. I didn't really see. But a good husband to did Harvey nonetheless UCLA's on a six or run up over the last four twenty one and they've only made one of their last eleven shots so help with the basketball right side drives down. Double pop is rejected by Riley in the hands of Pflueger. Now Harvey has he he fakes into the lane. His jumper is off the front of the rim. No, good rebound. Jalen hands hands will bring it up the court hands over the course, Dr hands top of the key brings it back out one forty five remaining, I Abbas play hands. Now with the basketball goes baseline shovels into the corner of the Wilks Wilks for three is good coach brash time out largest leaving for UCLA twenty nine twenty eight not happy with that last segment there. He's guys pretty hard. Right dabbagh. Jalen has just soak it keeping his head up keeping his dribble finding guys in the corner. And that's what he does. So you can only contain them so much still you can't get caught ball watch. Because that's what happened that time a Wilkes wide open mic one. I have never. Read this combination of stats before in my long career UCLA's on a nine zero run and they wanna make of their last twelve shots. It hasn't been a pretty offense of bear on either side of the story for both of these teams early on the season does not shooting the ball. Great from the field not group from distance, but certainly not for lack of trying lots of hustle out there, and you're right UCLA size shoot stack is so far in this game and Notre Dame joining wanted twelve shooting. I I'm convinced the shooting will come. But right now, they're going to have trouble beating quality competition. If they don't make shots when you're up against the physically superior team or Beth logically and size wise. You've gotta hit some shots for fourteen to three. Pflueger with the basketball Alberta hub is that fresh again. This is a two onto lake road ahead. The kids one thirty eight and a half Irish trailing by the basketball between his legs. Heads off to hop. Pop. Brings it back up top mid lane left side, moody, cross-court masses, complete to gives you dry to shoddy short and the rebound is pulled down by Jalen hill, Bill off to Jalen hands and over the course right between the circles. And now the Smith little league up chop hands gets it back hands. Now. On over to Smith. Smith, spins into the lane double tops off the glass around. Thirty one twenty first double digit lead of the night for the Bruins. Forty six seconds left. Pflueger over reports. Right. The kids. Get driving away troubles at Harvey for three too strong rebound, almost Jalen hill with a chain as you grabbed it raised the rim. Thirty one twenty six the respected clocks. Mulford? Reformer Indiana star many moons ago calls the use it or lose it time out. I can't fault Notre Dame's effort, but this is a work in progress. A young team it's figuring out on both ends and a physically superior UCLA teams. Also young and figuring it out, but their physical superiority is measured by doubling up. In the rebounding category. They've outrebounded hundred thirty four seventeen. Twelve offensive rebounds. And even the problem with rebounds or. Got second choice aside from the floor. The size athleticism is speeding up Notre Dame on the offense to the end as well. That kind of one-seat three quarter. The clock down half ports set and rushing everything that we have. So it's easier said than done dealing with. This is what we have to have guys is calm down a little bit and step into the south to accomplish right now. We're just which accused up trying to shoot without getting blocking shots are coming up pretty long. Jaylen hands bringing the ball over the midcourt strike twenty five and twenty respected clocks. She darnold. Try to go up by even more cans now and over the strip Chris goes top of the looking back to hand six shot clock throughout range from rally hands three layoff. Rebound mooning off to at six seconds five. I had to hop up. Dragon coast to coast blocked up against the backboard, by Riley. By mooney. Eleven thirty to twenty just tried to get up greatly blocked by violence. Got it back somehow loonies desperation shot from underneath the basket was no good. And they'll walk told me the truth. This is a physically imposing UCLA team. If you're gonna finish at the baskets night. I think you're gonna have to go with a dunk because if you put it up anywhere near that class there at least two flares ready to gobble it up, and that type Riley sizing it up snacking with the left hand practice. Probably thought he got all the way to the rack with that dry. But unfortunately, this is going to be a little bit tougher the score in and around the basket, very tricky and clever to part of the game plan was to limit UCLA and transition where they're very good officially UCLA has no fast-break points. So check back box. But a lot of other box checked by UCLA. If you're wondering about the shooting performance dangerous eight thirty five from the field. Twenty two point nine percent. Courtesy of Alan waza. Loose key. The worst of the Brera in the first half happened at uconn back in February of two thousand. And four eighteen point eight percent, six of thirty two. So a couple of field goals better than that tonight. But Notre Dame is Doug itself a bit of a whole so still an opportunity because UCLA's not lighting it up either. But I'm sure a supportive and at times stern locker room awaits the.

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