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If I may residents right. I've decided from now on that. If they do that I will entertain an offer somewhere along somewhere along the way right Ron I'm looking forward. I'll be coming there for the HVAC convention in addition to Arkansas. Derby Week What are you got lined up over the next couple of weeks? I mean the season goes of course the season goes all the way to Derby Day now. we talked about that last year as it as it evolved. But what do you got to look forward to got up toward the festival? We've got a good barn from the forces We've got some maidens about to break start running. And we've got some horses that are waiting for their conditions to to come back around. So we're We're happy with the with the the roster we got coming up. This is the fun part of the year to be in hot springs. The weather starting to come out of direction if anybody if anybody here. During December and winter they get they get rewarded. You know the last two months so It's GonNa be fun. It could be getting back on having a good time and you're watching racist no doubt no doubt. Ronnie this was This was a lot of fun to watch. And you know we as soon as the PCP's came out You know we kept saying. It's a great opportunity but he had a couple of horses that he absolutely had to you know had to be including share the upside and Mr Yeager Meister and he he was up to the task. He continues to after the task so well done. Thank you WANNA give credit to to my wife. Laura Grad of the the The girl that's working and he's not easy.

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