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So and I think we put this on an arm. I mean, we got really fancy this is a TCL out of those new man, these are, so inexpensive. Oh, man. I know. Yeah. And so and the vessels are tiny. So it looks like you're, you know, bigger people are saying, but this is radio, I know, but I wanna see him. We do a video stream for people who are like to watch their radio. Indeed in the old days, you know, before TV people would sit and stare at the radio whenever listening to fibber McGee Bali, so those pictures. Yeah. People gathered around staring at the radio like like there's something to see there. Yeah. Right. What do you wanna talk about Scott? Oh, I want to tell you about something new. I'm doing okay. I have recently started contributing to a website called tech high tech hive a lot. Yeah. Good. Good. Good. It's a publication of ID g also publishes MacWorld and PC world. Yeah. Online and magazines. Although as we all know print print is going away, our friend Jason snow used to run that. Okay. There you go tech hives an awesome techs site. It is and so it turns out that the the main editor their tech hive is a guy I used to work with electronic musician many years ago, and so I hooked up with him. And I'm doing reviews of headphones and little portable bluetooth, and wifi speaker surfing. I'm becoming the gives wiz of little chunky audio products all junkie are they know? And that's the amazing thing. Us as you were looking there for those of you who are watching on the livestream. I've got one of my stories there at the top of the page about the Piero Piero quiet headphones which are intended to help children preserve their hearing. When a great idea we talked a little bit earlier about this couple of weeks ago about how fast. Your kids, especially. Yeah. So these things are actually quite good. They have some isolation there on ear headphones not wrap around your ear, but sit on your ear headphones, but they do provide some isolation. They have active noise cancelling, which is more important. And they also limit the output or there's they're said to limit the output of to no more than eighty five db or eighty five decibels, which many organizations claim is the maximum that you want to be exposed to over an eight hour period. Now, I myself think that eighty-five is still too high. But that's just my opinion in any event these things work amazingly. Well, actually did some measurements. If you scroll down that article, you'll find actually some measurements. I took with the active noise cancelling on and off. And one thing I found about these headphones, which are so interesting is that the sound quality actually improved. I wasn't that interesting with the active noise cancelling. Aw, that's important. Because I think people think louder means sounds better. Right. Exactly. It's it's very analogous to you you walk into a showroom to buy a TV and the brighter ones dry your eyes. And you think oh, that's the one. That's the better. What? Yeah. But it's not necessarily. That's the same as it. Very analogous, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. So I'm I'm having a good time. Finding some interesting products like those or one again give you a preview something that hasn't been published yet. I'm doing I did a little bluetooth speaker from a company that I bet you've never heard of called Tron smart. No. And I thought I'd seen every bluetooth speaker in the world. This thing is tiny. It's like eight inches long. It's a little just a little portable speaker from a company who I had never heard of before it's called the element force. And it sounds good. I thought you know, it's a big it's got to two inch drivers and to passive radiators. How could possibly sound very I was shocked shocked completely shot. Amazed at how good this thing. Sounds now the caveat is it's got three different equalization modes. You can you can push and get something called extra-base and something called three d stereo and something called standard and the three d stereo in standard, modes both sounded terrible. I would never recommend it. But the extra base preset. Which fortunately is the default when you powered on. That's what it comes up in. I I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it it rich full sound a stereo spread beyond the confines of this little box. Wow. Amazing. Nice really, sixty bucks. Wow. So this is this is actually encouraging that the that some of these because I love having a little portable speaker. I frankly travel. The B O play from BNO. Well, which is a really good. Yeah. It's just a small enough to put in the backpack or carry on when when we go to Hawaii, for instance, I'll take this with me because it's really nice to have something that you can put an on in in the in the hotel. Hello hotel room, and listen to my wife, and I like to listen to books together. It's great. We really like it. So yeah. This is good interesting hearing more about these. That's great. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So I've got about ten reviews up there. So far. Working working hard. So we're now going to change your title to home theater geek and contributor at tech dot look down so fast. Yes. I can. I can I also calibrated the TV while you were talking. I'm a multitasker Scott. I. It's not very good color. Calibration? We might have to get you and Robert Herron into the to do that officially happy to do that. Yeah. Read for me. It is to read I know after work on that. I didn't see the I wanted to turn the. Two minute job. That's pretty good. I I'm pre approved it considerably. Did. Got up and people can still Email you at Scott tech labs dot com, or I think that's the address is that right, Scott, twit dot TV. Okay. Do that. Instead. That's the podcast. Yeah. Shorter shorts. Scott. Send me send me your questions, and I will allow spend some of these segments answering them and.

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