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Tuna by calling 809 48 Mike traffic and weather on the AIDS Steve Dresner in the W T o p Traffic Center. We're going to start off in the district on the westbound side of the freeway approaching Mean Avenue Crash activity right in the center of the Roadway. D's have been a cause him otherwise he's bound side of the freeway pretty good run from Maine Avenue to the 11th Street Bridge, but we're still finding delays. The North bound side of I 2 95 roadworks set up right near the naval Research Lab has a single lane getting buying North Bound D. C to 95 after Pennsylvania Avenue that works on also backing things up single lamb single lane still getting you buying and delays or roughly from Pennsylvania Avenue up through the area Benning Road again on that North bound side off D C to 95 over in Maryland, a quiet ride on the capital. Bellway. No problems to report on 95 were the B W Parkway between the two beltways. We're still very slow on the South bound side of I 2 70 after her Bannon approaching the exit for route 109 high. It's town on Lee. A single right lane is opened by the roadwork that's set up staying on those South bound, sided to 70 approaching route 28 in Rockville. Over on the main line. We had the right lane blocked in the local lanes. Single right lane getting Abi and we are funding delays also And the local lanes over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Today's roadworks set up over the westbound span. Two to the right, get you by w t o p. Reporters air driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall, shot Fitz first and save money choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way. Steve Dresner w T o P Traffic Storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Ricketts has the four day forecast. Brain will start over. Spread the area after about 2 P.m., and as it travels to the north,.

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