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That game. So. As we said the last couple of weeks, there's a lot of spots. So it's easy to get deflate in. Discouraging just of start thinking the way you're thinking there that we're just gonna give up on on each other. That's not at all. I think we're getting better every game. Once we start string wins the other hawks. Stay in Florida tonight. They're taking on the Panthers a five thirty pregame show is six o'clock. Putt drop all right here on seven twenty WGN and WGN radio dot com. Final weekend of the college football regular season with western hosting Illinois at two thirty today. David and Ted all the pre game at two on WGN radio dot com and on AM one thousand Ohio State and Michigan battle for the big ten east championship today in Columbus at eleven AM. Winner gets the Wildcats in the big ten championship next week last night. The bulls fell to Miami one zero three to ninety six Khalil Mack took in the game. As the bears have somewhat of a mini by week after beating Detroit on thanksgiving there off until next Sunday in New York, Houston, Texas, Houston Texans, founder and owner Bob McNair passed away yesterday at the age of eighty one and Illinois high school football state championships yesterday and champagne for forest in Gibson. Melvin Sibley Monticello and icy Catholic today, it's five eight through eighty Montigny Catholic against Joliet Catholic Cary grove against Crete Mony Nazar, it takes on Saint Charles north and brother rice looks to finish off a perfect season taking on Lehohla in the eight h state championship and the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats. And Chicago White Sox baseball. I'm Joe brand WGN sports WGN track. Traffic.

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