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Ed Bledsoe, Tim Maguire China, Senate discussed on 24 Hour News


I'm Tim Maguire the newsman at. The Republican chairman and top democrat on the Senate Judiciary. Committee have written to the inspector's general at homeland security and health. And human services asking them to look. Into allegations that immigrants have suffered sexual physical and emotional abuse at detention centers great-grandfather grieves for. His wife and their two great grandchildren what did I do wrong to live Ed Bledsoe tells KTAR crtv he didn't know. His, home in Redding California was endanger when he left his wife in the children to run an errand on Thursday but he says he. Got a phone call from his wife saying he. Needed to get home because the fire was approaching Kills me I think about gym talking. To me and begging me to come and get him out of the Bledsoe tells CBS he. Didn't get any evacuation warning and if he had he would have never left the family in the house I'm Tim Maguire China's foreign minister says his country remains committed to the one country two systems governing. Framework in Hong Kong despite growing concerns Beijing's eroding the former British colonies civil liberties weighing he told reporters following. Talks with British counterpart Jeremy hunt that China would continue to follow the system put in place when the city was. Turned over to Chinese rule in. One thousand nine hundred eighty seven wing said Hong Kong affairs are the domestic. Affairs of China President Trump says he'd consider shutting. Down, the government if Democrats refused to vote for his immigration proposals, including a border wall AP correspondent Shirley Smith says Republicans anxious about keeping control of congress think it's a bad idea President Trump would be taking a political. Risk if he, allows most of the government to lapse on October. First the first day of the new budget year and roughly a. Month before the elections when Republican control. Of both house and Senate is at stake Democrats, they don't have. Enough votes by, themselves to block house approval, but they do have the strength to derail legislation in the closely divided Senate Republicans are playing down the chance of a. Shutdown during a Kentucky radio interview Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said it was not going to happen Following the death of Chrysler CEO Sergio Marconi the secret. He'd been seriously ill for more than. A year is raising, issues about what information top, executives should share. About their, personal life one. Expert with. The Manchester. Business. School in Britain says the stigma around illness remains. And the reason Mark Uni kept it hidden even from his own board is that he might have, thought it would adversely affect the company. Or he wouldn't be allowed. To stay on the job a business administration professor at Georgetown University said he doesn't believe CEO's or into any, legal obligation to disclose their health issues in the week following the news of monkey and his illness and death Fiat Chrysler shed nearly eleven percent. On, the Milan stock exchange amid volatile trading the stock lost nine,.

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Ed Bledsoe, Tim Maguire China, Senate discussed on 24 Hour News

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