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Went back to his position. He had played last season at right. Tackle dan moore junior fourth round. Pick rookie left tackle. He looked like a turnstile a couple of times against buffalo. If they're going to attack the steelers it's going to be on the edges. I just feel like that's where their weaknesses lie. You don't yes you can get pressure up the middle. I'm not saying that they're perfect in that area. But if the if there's a matchup issue it's going to be on the. It's going to be on the edge primarily against the rookie left tackle. But dan more improved a little bit in the second half but it. Yeah if you're looking for advantage there it is awesome. I'll tell you why hopefully yanni walkway stays healthy. Then it's ready to go because it was fun to watch on. the raiders. Finally have a pass rush after about three years of of just crying over coolmax so i'm excited to hear you say that it might be facing. Some weak tackles next week. I'm excited but yet sorry. Sorry for your your part on that. Anyway let's all right. Let's flip sides sides of the ball here. The steelers defense on the top bonds juggernaut. I'm just curious. How do you tack attack them. Like where have you seen. Teens have success against them. Obviously it's not very often but is there a weakness in this This defense yob. Yes yet to be very calculated with how you do it though The steelers are elite in on defense. And i'm not saying that as a home or anyone that watches them play their talented from top to bottom and i actually would say they're. This defense is better than last year's last year was a top three unit. When you add devon bush back who towards acl early in the season you bring in joe schober another good coverage Linebacker in the middle. You bring in melvin ingram Who is still wreaking havoc at his age. I i still can't believe you're just sitting there as a free agent. No one wanted him. Alex highsmith second-year pass rusher t. J. watt is a freak. We know that and he deserved every bit of that contract. He earned the arrived. Clun yes In any of guys. I came hayward who he just goes under the radar but he dominates. I mean you go go back. I don't want something fun. Watch go back and watch the steelers bills. Just go on the bills of the ball. Watch game hayward completely steamrolled offensive line. He was living in josh allens lab. It was fun to watch. But if you're going to attack this dealers events you have to get him in sub packages and you actually want to run the football and that's not easy for a lot of teams to do you have two very talented offensive line. That can you don't need those extra blocker so if you can go to four five wide forced the steelers into their dime. That's when they can be run on. They were run on in the waning minutes of the game against buffalo. I'm not really gonna count that as kind of garbage time but still in the past under teeth butler defensive coordinator. That's when the steelers have had issues getting those linebackers off the field. They bring in an extra defensive back they go light. You've if the steelers opponent. Whoever that is in this case the raiders if they can run the football in those packages that's how you slow down the steelers by controlling the clock keeping the defense on the field. And you wear down the pass rush. Because that's their that's their calling card is getting after the quarterback we've got you bring up a pass rush. You brought up guys like nova england. Alex highsmith so i'm kind of curious. You know obviously probably. The biggest subtraction are lost for the for pittsburgh defensive. Probably just raw has to be but depre- so i'm curious you know one of they kinda missing with depre- in what are your thoughts on like mouth. Ingram and now is heisman Replacements pretty high. On week one was any indication. The answer to your question about bud. Depre- what are they missing the answers not much. I mean between ingram and highsmith they. They were putting pressure on the quarterback. The end to pre was a good player. I'm not here to to say anything bad about him. But those two guys in having the the trio of what ingram in highsmith in they rotated them out so that everyone stayed fresh. It was something the steelers fans haven't seen. Because you always had watt depre- and even before that you had guys like lamar woodley and james harrison. Joey porter clark. You always had those two book ends. Never three now. They have three. This is unique. And mike tomlin on tuesday even said that you might even see a situation where all three around the field at the same time. That would be exciting as a steeler fan to see what they do in that package. We haven't seen it yet. But still melvin. Ingram has been in. Mike tomlin in training camp. Cottam a bully and he is. He was literally bullying the offensive line of the buffalo bills. Which isn't a bad line. By the way he's again at the steelers didn't blitz in buffalo. I think they've let's twice. And they were all over josh allen the entire game. They've got pressure with their front for like that. Was it but a you bring up players lost in my opinion the player that they missed. The nose isn't bud. Debris is mike help in the slot. Okay and mike hilton who went to cincinnati. He was a slide. Cornerback he was an unbelievable blitzer off the edge he knew how to time the blitz. I mean almost to perfection. They have not found that nickel. cornerback they. They disguised it in week. One with a rookie seventh round pick. Trae norwood mega. Patrick played in the slot a little bit. They definitely mixed things up in the slot. I don't think they have their answer. I don't think they will mike. Helton is probably the biggest loss. The steelers have had on that defense. Believe it or not so. I'm curious than you know as far as Attack in secondary..

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