One Hundred Seventy Five Pounds, Three M discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


See along with us here on the board and mike you see lives a fascinating life he is if nothing if not an open book he's self critical but he's honest about the life that lives okay people now that he's gone up for smoke breaks they know that he loves dance music listen this is who he is and we're proud to know him and he'll drop nuggets sometimes that are amazing some guy just tweeted this by their brother john i hear outsider mic i thought he was dead from lung cancer on a tragic donkey action it's plank that isn't the case although you do still wake up to smoke sometimes is that correct in the middle of the night yeah why what oh yeah when you know when you get up to go to the bathroom i will occasionally have a cigarette then and it's enjoyable it's my favorite part of the time of night 'cause it's peaceful is quiet nobody's bothering you so you go to bed at what time mike round midnight eleven thirty you get up at three you go to bathroom smoke yeah exactly you get up to three m to smoke and it happened to go to the bathroom or which one begets the other that's probably that's probably more like yeah because i do have the cigarette i the smoke takes precedence let's get that clear right now that's really what you care about however i did not realize i mentioned sometimes these these stories pop up that make me realize you lead a charmed life i mean i wish i knew martina hingis you go one step further you once had lunch with martina hangers please give us all the details of this dalliance i did have lunch with i was working for another radio company at the time and here in connecticut and we have the travelers championship you know everyone's familiar with and martina hingis at the time was dating sergio garcia and i was a huge martina hingis fan at the time play of beautiful tennis players he was i think she was number one at the time too and i wanted to meet her and i had a friend who was working for one of the local tv stations and you're in the media tent and all of a sudden martina hingis blocks by and has oh my gosh that's martina hingis then says oh well you know there was like no places sit in this entire media ten i'll have come to sit next year we'll interviewer for tv and everything's long story short martina hingis comes buys that's next to me beceerra lunch together she had ex it was actually a brunch she had eggs and bacon the typical toast and everything but couldn't be even couldn't be any friendlier but you don't realize you know how athletic these tennis player is our in person i'm like five eight maybe one hundred seventy five pounds and ripped yeah i think i am genetic freak i'm not that badly built but she is i mean she could run through me if she had a football probably going to say how tall martinez five three no she's not these like five she's she was about my height and athletic and when you see her on tv when you see your tea on tv's you just isn't looked like an imposing figure whatever but these tennis players you meet him up close their athletic look i i enjoy.

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