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I mean i don't hate it i mean you you had to figure out some way to save some cap space he wasn't giving you the production for the amount of money that you were paying him and that's the way the cookie crumbles you know it was time to move on and that being said i feel like there is a lot of speculation now that with the cowboys having released dez bryant that maybe wide receiver is the way they'll go in the first round of this coming draft and yesterday i decided that i was going to do a little a little number crunching here and research went through and i basically i found over the last decade starting in two thousand eight every wide receiver that was taken in the first round since two thousand eight now if you add all of them up i think it's thirty let's see thirty six receivers have been taken in the first round since two thousand eight oddly enough not a single one in two thousand and eight there was not a single first round receiver taken in the two thousand eight draft so starting in two thousand nine you had six first round draft pick receivers darius hayward bay michael crabtree jeremy macklin percy harbin akeem knicks and kenny britt darius hayward bay the closest to where dallas is going to select they pick nineteenth this year there is hayward bay was taken to the seventeenth overall pick out of maryland by the raiders in his rookie season he had nine catches for hundred twenty four yards and a touchdown not very good solid no not not really michael crabtree at forty eight catches for six hundred twenty two yards and a pair of touchdowns jeremy macklin fifty six catches seven hundred thirty three yards and four touchdowns percy harbin he made the pro bowl is a rookie he had sixty catches for seven hundred ninety yards and six touchdowns akeem knicks had forty seven catches for seven hundred ninety yards and six touchdowns and kenny britt at forty two catches for seven hundred yards and three touchdowns although six receivers you had three that have made pro bowls in their career michael crabtree jeremy macklin and personally harvard made the pro bowl as a rookie the other three had average maybe slightly above average rookie is not a bad class in two.

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