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A supporter to get access to this exclusive content. And now back to the episode but then it is like that art component. Where you almost can't even put it into words like you look at it and you know that it's right or it's not so for people that maybe don't know how to like match up the leaves and don't know what looks right. That's why like I'm so excited about your book. 'cause they're so visual and I feel like it gives people endless pictures of like. Here's this plant next to this one. Now here's this look and so they can kind of like explore the aesthetics to a link for me the idea behind all of all of that is the hope to inspire to give like almost in a way like you're saying like That that blueprint of this works well together right now right so maybe you can forgive that your home again. If you have the right age for me. It's how do you put out content in a way that can guide someone in the right direction of what could work well in their space and I For this new book while Interiors for me it was it was so I'll opening to walk into these people's homes in in see where they took very design and how they would work foliage in Greenery next to each other in decisions that they were making when it came to Statement plants like what will be the Bay meds. When I walk into the space. I would just jaw drop to the floor and go. Wow back has completely transformed into space and I think for me. That's why I feel and I will keep saying as at while than services such better book that my first book which I'm actually happy about God because I was. I know last face I know my sword being able to talk about other people's stories in their journeys right. I think there's lots of so much more inspiration. I I get inspired by seeing it snow and I think that that's the thing that helps those who are new or dabbling a bit in bringing plant spaces that a squander be dependent on the individual type of I that they have if they can understand what the Chinese care wise finish is going to be the eye of the designer in the creative that is bringing the plants in like what will work. Well what real chance phone so we just talking about Quantity are we talking about quality of what the look of those plants are how how one Leaf from one plant looks when it curls saw around the branch or the leader of another plant how those two things tied together and we were talking about Trying to make a space seeing altogether there's particular types of all these that some people might want to work with like one of the couples in my boyfriend's of mine Woody Lee Morris. Her space has a certain color. Palette of Browns tans whites in an all her plants all seem to have the same sort of palate is low all variegated sorts and in that respect so a lot of cranes in White Greens and grains like darker. Greens mixed together. That was the foliage In itself is a decision. Be made right so so there are particular plants that if you again all stars the light and all sorts of the candies. But if you're if you're able to do that then you can start making bigger decisions like I love the way a derogated rubber tree looks because it has those Keith in green and cream. Who's now that that works. Well with the pillows or the fabric that I have in my couch continues continued that through while my greenery. I that I want to bring only that color Palette McCreery and there's so many plants that had that that trial look and you you can do that. Those that's what you're making like real decisions like just like. I want all of the dining chairs around my table to be different within the safe. You know going on this search all the shops flea markets. They're trying to take out the right little details their work for that particular dining table. That Donnie said that's when the plant Stanley Park. It's really fun now. Do I get to make those decisions and a lot of work? I do know because at right now Dr. Many people want saints ago. Bat In death of it say with a choices being made for their plants. But when I say to meet some of the people who are doing that for themselves. That's when I like I only. It's like going into a museum just looking at a really more like you fully inspired and you want to go home and make those decisions in your space. And I think that. That's yeah. That's the part of plant styling in design and The Corn General. Like I feel like we're at now where we're making real news on every last aspect of home which is so so cool and I know that's something. Our listeners are going to be so interested because they're already like so passionate about design paint colors and all that so adding like this living element. That's sober awarding in so many other ways aside from just aesthetics but then having it be able to be part of that design process is so short quick a lot. A lot of individuals without Goto plant shops or icy shopping harbor. So they're not gonNA have as many options but if they go to their local nursery if whatever they have there isn't probably for the most part isn't the N. Double A. There. You can ask them to order particular plants that you might want so. Just be aware of that as well. Like if there's something that you see you've seen again understanding that you're GonNa go to know that organ that you've seen have the moderate for you if that's what you're looking for your like excited secure definitely reach out to those those shops those nurseries In your home your home state on your city because they can probably order for. Yeah okay I have one more design question then. I want to dive harder into your new book because I have more questions about that but something. I think that you've mastered. That's really is really like integrating plants into the space and helping them. Looks fully a part of the room. I'm specifically thinking of like the climbing plants that you have there like touching things in the room and climbing around there and then Your use of Mir's is also really interesting. Can we talk about each of those strategies? A little bit Again it is the the idea of being able to bring the outdoors in that. Look in when I first when we go all the way back to how I fell deeply in love with the idea of plants in my home or being able to do what I normally do. My indoor space surrounded by plants like dining the net. Cafe that to me. Was someone taking the jungle in bringing it into their home in what I think about. When I'm in those particular tropical environments how plants we've themselves are climb up. Trees are climb up the side of a structure. Whatever it is. That's the bringing the outside in that we're also talking about so. Make your silver pocos. Climb up you're a brick wall of the side of your bookcase because now it's almost as the life bring life is taking over your space so for me. It's it's how do you some people like it. I love this as well as you. Get A bit I guess. What is it elaborate You bring in the for the what is trying to say is when you're thinking about pate. You're painting a wall and you're thinking I just WanNa have my flat alone. Brinson death to this while I'm GonNa give a bit of texture over that Texas Oilman doesn't pattern. There's these decisions that you're thinking about. I think about how if you just had a blank flat colored paint wall now you wanted to add living life travelling. Its way around the wall that that now takes that particular angle of your room more. That wants a different level other than what it would have been. Who is just a flat painted wall with art on it right like? Living Art raving. You're out you're space. That's not normal. That's that's-that's for only four abandoned building or the engineer your facade of a home right so that idea of bringing bringing the outdoors in is now instant when someone walks into your home that is like whoa clients are taking over your house. That's pretty cool. Yeah not even just adding dimension but like adding a whole `nother level of like breathing life into your space is. What's yeah? I love that when it comes. You're asking Mirrors now is important. Just talk whether really quickly based on the idea that if you find that your space has pockets or darkness it's nice to bring in larger. Mir's to reflect light back into those darker areas if you can. Our window is facing away where it? Let's say light shines into that into a spot in your home At a certain time of day. And you're like Oh if I had a mere here it could reflect light back I liked being able to do that to reflect light from from one side of the room so another Shasta amplify the level of light. That's in space. It also makes darker holes or just as areas in your rooms in it creates other windows away like is reflecting back a bunch of light and that extra dimension that you were talking about before it just helps make space more alive and it just it just takes a bit of. I would say like a dead space and makes it Disad just turns it into a more livable. Area reflects more light in just makes it feel better. That is so cool so I want to dive into your second book a little bit because I'm personally really excited because I feel like your first book really reframed a lot of things for me like a lot of what I thought I knew about plans and really just helped me like reshape. My plant parenting strategy but for your second book. Can you talk about like the process like because it is a collection of spaces? That aren't yours that you're kind of guiding people through this like just spaces that have inspired you like. How did you find them in? What was that process like? Really wanting to hear the stories the journeys others in during my book tour for while at home. There were times where I would Talk to some of the ten days. The guests people who are in the plant community. I would say and they were starting to talk to me about what they had gone through and how they started and I just thought that that was just such an interesting idea like just to find my way around the country in even go outside of the country to talk to people who are like minded in hearing what they went through and how it affects them not just in their home and what they're doing like how does it affect how they go about their jobs like did they find it. Like what like what they're doing when it comes to plants and bringing Feinstein is based on what they do in their professional life or has the planets that they brought in change anyway other professional. I just thought it was really important to talk more about it because so many people have the same journeys that I've I've I've had my wife. My wife has had and I wanted to hear more about that and I thought if I want to hear about it. I'm sure a lot of people wanna because you can. You can become inspired by when it comes to finding these folks there were either either folks that individuals or couples or spaces that I had had seen online on publisher and Seen or friends of mine who have known for Awhile and wanted to Here there or get their stories. Because I've already heard some of their stars but to get their stories and print because I thought that it was necessarily want to hear how they went about creating those spaces and a few of them were actually friends of friends who are like. Oh are here working on his book. I have a lot of plants you should you should see. But here's the thing because my passion isn't just plants in space. It's the design of said scraping. Row that a lot of the reasons I ended up in the particular spaces I did was because not only. Did they have a great story behind why they brought in a lot of plants or a great story why they had minimal plants in this space but they had a space that was really well designed they they? They have thought process by everything that they're doing in their space in some to me. That's very important in that something that I think a lot of us. Creators people love plants. People love design are thinking about and I wanted to share that aspect. I wasn't thinking like I needed to find someone who just has a lot of plants like that doesn't get me excited. That doesn't make vibrate like the way someone has pushed a plant. Someone took it. It's really awesome cement cable and then put this crazy tree fern. On top of it year-round it signed me up. I'm love that. That was what was important for while interiors like it needed to really showcase all different types of individuals so not only where we like need to find people who had really wild. I would say design design in general but also plants plants. Loud plants now Also talk to touch on indifference. I would say types of design or thoughts behind plans like someone who is the minimalist someone who is the person who goes blurs lemieux indoor and outdoor because they're allowed to open their doors all the time and they have the courtyard or someone who stuck in a really small apartment..

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