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In the morning then a mix of clouds and, sun in the afternoon high? Eighty Sunday turning. More, humid mix of. Clouds and. Sun high eighty six and Labor Day Monday. Clouds and sun shower thunder shower around hot and humid Monday high eighty nine right now seventy, four to, eight ten in one, zero three one w., g. y. Senator John McCain returned to Capitol Hill one last time being uttered by friends and colleagues during a ceremony in the. Capitol rotunda house speaker Paul Ryan recalling many values of the late, Senator what stands out about John McCain is what he stood for The rich blessings that only freedom can bestow The sense of purpose that a battle joined can bring The common humanity that burns in each of our hearts There'll be a service to honor McCain tomorrow at the National Cathedral followed by a private burial, Sunday at, the US naval academy in Annapolis. Former President Bill Clinton remembering the life of his friend Aretha Franklin Clinton. Told the crowd at her memorial service today in Detroit he. Was eager to see what is, friend was wearing today Clinton said, he and his wife Hillary Clinton both. Were Aretha Franklin groupies, and remembered what a generous star she, was always crediting those who influenced her Labor Day. Weekend the unofficial end of, summer triple as Janine tourney Torah says it'll be busy but some destinations. Do stand out when it comes to talk to nations, the, world, largest, hotel, chain Marriott says that New York Chicago Orlando Atlanta. Seattle, our top choices as we ran out the summer no she says airfare to the top destinations, down eleven percent as, compared to two thousand seventeen AAA though predicting this week it will be the most expensive Labor Day. In the last four years for your gas tank there. A spokesman for the motor club spike should be temporary National average for gas two dollars. Eighty four cents a gallon confidence in the economy may be on shaky. Ground university of Michigan's final reading on consumer sentiment in August. Shows confidence at its lowest level, since January survey looks at consumer, attitudes on jobs inflation and interest rates. New guidelines for children's, car seats babies should be facing the, rear of the car American Academy of pediatrics said. This week that babies and, toddlers should remain rear-facing until they reach the maximum height and weight allowed. By the seat manufacturer previous guidelines said children should remain, rear-facing, until, the, age, of two WGN news time four thirty four Syracuse. Football, on the way against western Michigan pregame starts at five for now back to Sean Hannity and, the Sean Hannity show, on NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one w. g. y. food stocks shopping bad weather conversation. Less work more sleep pets better.

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