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In hospital bills for treatment of corona virus symptoms pain soothing the soul song writers help veterans with PTSD express their pain through music six sure heels but first here's today's eye opener eighty on this Memorial Day weekend people all over the country are ignoring social distancing measures here along the Jersey Shore the relatively tame but in other areas around the country we have seen swarms of people and very little social distance I mean he is prepared to make arrests when people are using what he calls common sense so far he says he has a meeting currently seeing a spike in Kobe case is that trump administration will block the entry of non US citizens who have been to Brazil in the preceding two weeks fighting continues to face pressure to pick a black female running mate with many black leaders reminding him that he would have won the South Carolina primary the overwhelming support of African American Dr start your engines it was the annual Memorial Day coca Cola six hundred at the Memorial Day race Brad Keselowski and his American painter more about racing but we're glad to be able to see the new cool things like racing because of freedom provided by those that are you know willing to make the sacrifices welcome back to CBS this morning it's great to see any kind of sports guys but I really hope Johnny we don't have to get too used to watching sports with no fans in the stands but right now let's all be so yeah that's true and it was a good common third in that race because today is Memorial Day it is a day or two remember sacrifice it also marks the unofficial start of summer and in these trying.

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