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Is no difference in those who can't do it and those who want to at least get who can't do it. I'm gonna go to war within if he's going to give me everything that has 'cause i can work around some of these deficiencies the guys. They won't do it. There's no changing it. They are where they are. And i think that's the lesson to be learned from isaiah wilson. Some of the other guys that have founded in flop all right. Let's let's get some quarterback team fits or an article on this. I'm going to rip these off. We want to spend a ton of time here but just tell me what stands out to you. I'll rip through them here. Trevor lawrence is still to the jags man. They've been doing a lot of homework on. Zach wilson i. I don't think it's one hundred percent lock that maybe a rails to say ninety five. Maybe there's a five percent chance that wilson could cross pass before the finish line. But i'd still say trevor lawrence. Jags zack wilson. For the reasons. We've always mentioned on here. Makes the most sense for the jets trade lance I have falcons at four. Make the most sense. But i think that three spot could legitimately be a good trade opportunity for summit. Volt up there to go get lance. I had a chance to meet with him on the weekend. He was in town. He's working with john beck. So i had an opportunity to go spend some time with trae lance. He's impressive. We've visited with them on the show. I talked to on the phone before beginning chance. Sit down there with him in and see him face to face. He's going if he he's already had some but he's going to knock these meetings out of the park. He's so highly intelligent and understands it for twenty year old kid who maybe not all there yet is a player yet man. It's hard not to buy the kid buck. I think you have the body kit. Here's also what would like people to do when it comes to the trae lance evaluation. Wipe away what happened with carson. Wentz this year and go all the way back to how we celebrate a carson wentz because of things that the North dakota state asked a quarterback to do one of the reasons it was easy to fall in love with carson. Wentz is not only the talent that he displayed. But we watched a tape. North dakota state asked a quarterback to do things that we ask. Quarterbacks do on sundays multiple checks. Can you pass protection. Can you go from under center in shotgun. Can you do a variety of things so that your tool belt is is full..

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