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Hi, everyone this is pivot from the vox media podcast network. I'm CARA Swisher back from Hawaii and now in frigid Washington DC, and I'm Scott Galloway here to publicly disclose for the first time that I am in a relationship with Jeff Bezos. Hey, alive girl happen, by the way. I don't know what it means. But I think I've been upgraded to the next level of prime membership because I just got a picture of someone's junk. Oh, you know, what as usual? You take very delegates version, and they get horrible. You're in Paris. I'm only going to give you time off because you're you're in Paris. I am. And I'm in a basement somewhere in the city of lights. But by the way, I just back to the whole the whole bays today's okay, sorry. I'm so excited about that. I can't I can't back. I'm so ready for what have you heard? What's going on here? He's well, he's not a very good. Texter, right. Let's just be clear about it. Although I I'm going to get to that in a second. I, you know, I I know I used to know them very well. And I haven't spent a lot of time with them since they both become zillionaires or anytime. And but in the early days, I did I spent a lot of time with them and MacKenzie basis is a wonderful and smart and very integral part of the beginning of Amazon as I recall, and she also I don't see that she will be this will be very diff-. I I'd be surprised if it burst out into a horrible fight. She's not her nature, and it's not his nature. Either seem to have gotten ahead of. It it looks like they were married, and he met someone else or not, you know, I don't want to go into the who who did what to whom because I think marriages are complicated. Really don't know what happened. But it's I think the focus for me is that I don't think it will affect the business. I think the the issues I think probably anyone who's investor is is the focus like where he needs his focus, whereas his focus and stuff like that. And so when you anytime you have personal issues, and he's got four kids, and obviously new relationship there's going to be questions about where focuses, and I think the same thing happened with Sergei Brennan Google that he was not nearly in fact, not at all part of the critical management staff at at Google. But you know, you see these this happened to be seized to Zeos and things like that. And I think the only thing businesspeople thing is where's the focus? What will how will affect? How will affect the stock? I don't think it will the stock at all or anything else. So that's how I come down. Got it appears appears are mutually have mutual shared interest in that they don't want their both are shareholders of company they don't want. They don't want this to spill out into the public. I thought the release was awfully strange thing that he posted on his Facebook page. He did that to get ahead of the, you know, the nationally, but it was so economy something was up because I don't know. I'm sure you read it. But there was a sense. And they're saying we look forward to new ventures and adventures together. And I thought that describes divorce perfectly. You know that it's not it probably own a lot of stuff together. I'm guessing they do have a lot of. But it's Sergei Brin. And would just do they own half a town, and they have investments all over the place. So they have to state and they have children, obviously besides which is the best investment. But but I think yeah, I know it was I think they were just rushing. I think that was a rush job. You know what I mean? Like, what are we going to do what I found fascinating is that he didn't imagine that he was going to be the subject of scrutiny by Trump tie, affiliated people especially with the Washington Post ownership and sort of show. I think they were probably a little caught like, oh, they're following us in. He, you know, these the subject of interest, and that and the fact that a man who puts echoes in everybody's home, and you know, listening devices, and everyone's home doesn't realize he could be easily hacked in some way. You're just goes to show, You you know. know, everyone's human, right..

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