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New Jersey is being shut down by the state bellwether behavioral health has a history of being accused of rough handling of their patients. There have been concerns about unsanitary conditions mixed up medications and other issues. The states says Bill whether hasn't done enough to address these concerns operations at their fourteen group homes are being. Transitioned to a new provider. You may be saying, governor Murphy on TV a lot, pushing for the state legislature to enact a millionaires tax hike but the group that's funding. The ad campaign is one targeted by Bill Murphy recently vetoed, that would require organizations like that to disclose. Their donors do direction in. Jay is an advocacy group headed by Murphy allies and others have been the focus of this legislation and would have had to be transparent about the sources of any donations over ten thousand dollars at the time Murphy said, such Bill might be unconstitutional, but wanted to work with lawmakers on a compromise. You direction previously said it would disclose. Then walked that back the nj was outed, so to speak by reports accurately stating the teacher's union had donated millions by the way in the ad. Murphy says millionaires like me, his words should pay more in taxes. Patrick Lavery New Jersey. A one point five news time of New Jersey's first news, five oh nine the attorney for Noor cop charged with manslaughter after leaping out of his patrol car to fire at a suspect. Who fled? A traffic stop is being called a hero by his lawyer attorney Patrick Scotto says yovany Crespo's should not be in jail and the acts called reckless by a grand jury were heroin acts of bravery and courage Crispell maintains a suspect in the car, he was firing on how to gun and pointed at him body. Cam video shows, eventually Crespo hit the suspect in the head killing him. A Somerset county, man dubbed, a homegrown, violent extremists by the US attorney has been arrested. Basking ridge is charged with tempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization. Prosecutors say he sent one hundred bucks in December to a HAMAs militant and then bragged about it on Instagram last month. He sent another donation this time to an undercover agent. Twenty year old was opened with threats on social media posting photos of Trump Tower with a poll asking, if he should bomb it and video in which he flashed, a handgun while threatening to shoot up a pro Israel, March vote, New Jersey when a one point five news jerseys, first news, five tem in Tom's river. The school district is being. Forced to shell out more than a million taxpayer dollars for busing that won't bring a single child to a public school. That's the cost of transportation to private school. For children, whose parents don't want them in the public schools that largely represents members of the orthodox Jewish community. It's also more than a sixfold increase in recent years. The orthodox population has been growing in Tom's river. Since the start of two thousand eighteen more than twenty students in New Jersey of abandoned on their school bus, left to fend for themselves, or wait for somebody to spot them, the question running through the minds of most, if not all parents minds, is, how does this still happen? Even once while state law requires that school. Bus drivers inspect their vehicles to make sure no pupils have been left behind with a suspended endorsement as a consequence, several incidents occur each academic year. The State Department of children and families which investigates incidents says it lasts conducted an outreach campaign on the issue in two thousand fifteen. Rebranding and repackaging that when we send out this year's Email the superintendents some districts prompt drivers to complete certain tasks at the end of the route flipping a sign at the back of the bus, for example. So they're forced to walk past each seat. Dino flam me on New Jersey, one, oh, one point five news. Man captured on video urinating on a young cancer, victims memorial than landing park says he is now seeking treatment for alcohol. Addiction, Brian bolaise met with boys father apologized. But said he doesn't really remember doing it after the meeting, the father said he hopes releases sincere and gets the healthy needs all signs point to maximum security running on a Haskell of mama park July twentieth. The horse who was disqualified from winning the Kentucky Derby has begun training at MoMA as expected owner, Gary west confirmed, maximum security will not run in the Belmont Stakes June eighth time. New Jersey's first news five twelve. Dan says we do have.

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