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First of all seating, I think you're right on about the conspiracy or at least I was thinking the same thing to college. You remember they that they review every play and they do it immediately wants to whistle buys and three damp lamenting. The role that they did in the nineties into grass was one thing. And then on the third thing, they can either read best on them and go to to hand tag on the front or the back. I mean, you know, getting to that point at this at this point of the whole process. I understand. Raymond, thanks for the call. You had us until you went with the red jersey to an touching by the way you sound just like Ed. Sure. On the coach, Avella shoe just like pie. You had a good awful idea the other day. I mean, really often do you remember you're going to have to be more a little civic all idea? I don't. You're selling me out. This is an off air aside that I know. Okay. I said, if you're going to have this hardcore rule of roughing the past within quarterbacks of not allowed to run Pasolini scrimmage. Now that's another good I I saw a can't happen. Right. What what if you just put flag on the quarterback meadow? It's ridiculous and I would just watch college. Yeah, I show where we after by the way I our show sixty three percents. I just change a rule. I think everybody thinks when you say changed the rule, change it to what less emphasis or just get rid of it, where you you allow guys to lay on a quarterback if you've seen change and you have to have what the changes I hate to say this. You have to add language in you in the course of a regular play and the defender can't stop. Up, you know, like Bruce Smith said yesterday, there's just no way with the torque defender can stop if it's in the course of the regular play, then it's allowed well, roughing, the passer, like Seton said, why can't you review it? If it's less than one time a game, it's worth a review because claim Athas may not have gotten called for that against the Wason we're down with the review. Now I'm seeing on this one. I think. I've always been pro technology always been pro technology coming up a little bit. Any stable, talked about the quarterback situations down Bama and Clemson Ross Tucker of NBC sports and Mike Florio. The danettes have taken over the day, substitute teachers letting your roam the hallways, your calls coming up, stick around Dan, Patrick show. Football season is here, and no one covers football podcast. One sports net we've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in part RJ bells during preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast..

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