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What a sausage fast. If i am sick forty for the record shanahan was not there at the Thing that viral video from last week Angelo purchase of the weekend and city news service set has words for this. Use your words. That's why i'm always told that there were several arrests. Violence erupts is when they said about saturday. Violence erupts at dueling. Trans rights demonstrations at spa a those one on saturday. And then i guess Sunday a second pro transgender rights demonstration to set today one day after dueling protests turned. Violent outside koreatown. Spa that gained notoriety effort. A woman's complain about a person with male genitalia who identified as female being disrobed in the women's section went viral as as her in this In the senate must sexual orientation. I see man and so on saturday. Police told city new service. Unlawful assembly was declared roman forty-five anyway one of the other viral videos. There was a bunch of people in koreatown. And by the way if you're unaware this if it comes to homeless camps in irvine or things like this in korea town you don't f with the immigrants who came here for a better life. I think we're learning that aren't we and so one of the people that was protesting in support of mothers who who don't want their daughters to see a d. In the locker room as seen here i see that's a great indicator and so a bunch of people come out and protest not by by bunch. I mean i don't know two dozen maybe tops. Two or three dozen and the so-called anti or. I'm sorry the pro transgender rights people. They were oddly enough. They were all dressed like antifa and it was. It was antifa cost play and it was all black. It was face covering the whole thing. It was beatings of old people. So there's that there's there's iconic photo already from yesterday from saturday. I i should say anyway. One one of the guys a korean who was assaulted by this this little white girl. There's like she had to be like twenty one or twenty or something and she took great offense at the fact that he was protesting people people with male anatomy exposing themselves to young girls. That was he was protesting against that notion. I mean what a caveman right. Anyway this This young white woman took umbrage to it and she felt that assaulting him was the baller move so she kicked him in in the crotch in the crotch region so she went ahead and kick their and he defended himself he was only a water bottle and he connected with her noggin and it sounded like college. Baseball is what it sounded like sounded like a college baseball homerun aluminum bat soda. We'll we'll talk with him but it's up. Here's what's really sad about this. Is that hey folks. It's the law. Did you not think it through. Did you not know that it would come to this. It's come to this. This is where the rubber meets the road that this spa is literally following california law. And if if your seven year old daughter that you took to. The spa is not woke enough to whether or not you don't want her to see is not the issue she. She has a legal obligation to see it. That's so ridiculous this is a i don't care you know the bail the jail time it's not gonna happen. I'm with that woman. My my daughter doesn't have to see that and that's what women's bathrooms are four okay and that's what the wnba is for. Why are there any man man men i would dominate the wnba. I would not. But i don't know what is blocking a third tier. The last guy that the lakers cut between the nba and the italian league and the israeli league and the turkish league. What's stopping them from. Just staying in this country and going into the wnba is it. The w is there. Anything by the way eric sklar. You're the duke of sports officially. Is there something in the wnba like charter. That says that you have to be a biological woman or something you know i would assume so but ken. How can they legally do that. I don't know. I bet you the cancer i mean. They're private enterprise. They not a yeah. Nba owns them So i mean i. I'm going far afield on this. But this is the law in california. What what the pre trans person did with. His penis was totally legal and so people protesting and like i say you know this happened five or six years ago. So there's that all right afghanistan is going back to the twelfth century province-by-province hour by hour as we speak and we're washing. Your hands will give that. Plus matthew mcconaughey tells america that very soon your body will be undergoing changes and we call it puberty. The fourth of july message will be back right if this. It is the john and ken show. Brian suit cillian. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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