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I'm not sure what they're thinking is with. I think everything is up for grabs right now, the devils honestly as far as where they're coming off a very very disappointing season. All right where they didn't make any moves from making the playoffs last year to improve the team this year now. They probably felt they had enough to make the playoffs. But with home pretty much missing the entire year. The goaltending being in flocks Palmeri being hurt. He sheer was heard for portion of the year. Johanneson got her before they traded him away. Brats been hurt. They've had a ton of injuries butcher. It's really just been a mess. They've had basically a glorified AHL team for the second half of the season. So I think everything is up for grabs who's gonna make the team or not because I think there's still a lot of revamping that has to be done in even though they were a playoff team last year. Let's face it. If hall doesn't go on that MVP Ron in the second half of the year. They're probably not a playoff team last year either. So they gave their coach John Heinz the contract extension because they believe in a process that's happening here. So I would think any young player has a chance to make this roster next year because I don't think outside of he sheer Palmeri hall from at least from the forward standpoint even defensively with butcher fought in. I mean, how many guys can really honestly say that their jobs are completely secure. In New Jersey, including the goaltenders Anwar frenetic says a couple of weeks ago, I asked the sharks where the favorites come out of the west given how well they were playing without Carlson at the time. But now, I think they're the team we need to be the most concerned about heading into the playoffs. I can't honestly say and again Vegas hasn't blown anybody doors off either. But the the feeling is they're going to get Larry back. Right. I don't know how you pick San Jose. I do you do it. How do you do it? You cannot tell me. This is a team that is just waiting for the postseason bowl. There's just not a experience on that team to believe that like I said, Pittsburgh did they've got Cup winners on the team San Jose does not all right for the most part and on top of that they blew a chance to win this division and win the conference they low it Calgary could have been for the taking over the last couple of weeks, and they couldn't take advantage of it. And now they're locked into Vegas and right now. With the games that are left to be played. They're gonna hold on and finish in second because of the Rowen situation, but they're lucky there's another week left to the season to Vegas probably would pass them for home ice advantage. Have to be concerned have to be Ricky says when they started a white road jerseys. A lot of teams had third jerseys only about five teams didn't they wanted the visiting team to not pack two sets of Queant. I think the playoff format is based on time zones. Like the division teams. I hate the overtime loss point. So he was kind of talking about the conversation from yesterday. Let's see what else we have. Here. We have Bret who says was it Avs Oilers game last night, huge comeback over the Oilers for the Avs last night shouldn't have been down to nothing. But a win is a win iota lose to a terrible kings team as you said you need to be the team's behind you Avs did iota didn't. But again looking at that game for the guy ody's, and I watched a lot of that third period. I don't know much more. You can do again forty nine. Twenty-three outshoot them Campbell. Just was the x factor. That's that's very very tough situation to be day. Brown's can't say enough about the overall production and experience taking in a Vegas Golden Knights game. This is the future of live sports. You're right. And we saw it in the postseason last year with the ceremony and the laser show. You're right. I think a lot of organizations are realizing that the game sometimes just isn't enough. And I think Vegas went into the year feeling that they were an expansion team. And they weren't gonna be great. So they wanted to put on a show, it's Vegas after all. And now they coupled great production.

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