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City councilmember Letitia Plummer has tested positive for covert she went to a city council meeting the day before she started showing symptoms Kroger has announced plans to open five new drive through testing locations across the greater Houston area and our death toll reports the greater Houston area reporting eight more deaths yesterday our total is three hundred thirty eight the state of Texas reporting thirty three more deaths the total for the state of Texas is eleven hundred seventeen the Texas workforce commission announced it is paid out over twenty million dollars to self employed Texans the federal aid program also provides assistance to freelancers and part timers the workforce commission converted about forty percent of last week's jobless claims to the pandemic unemployment assistance program those who qualify will receive the minimum state benefits of two hundred seven a week plus an additional six hundred a week from the federal government more money also coming to Texas health care facilities to test for corona virus Tom Ingles with the health resources and services administration says thirty one million dollars was awarded to seventy two health centers across our state we can use it to buy personal protective equipment laboratory services and they can also use it to help with their testing is really sort of walk or drive up services for patients angle says the state has already received more than eighty one million dollars in recent months to conduct tests our news time seven thirty four president Donald Trump holding a briefing on corona virus testing in the U. S. in the rose garden he addressed concerns that even the White House is not safe I think we controlled.

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