Representative, President Trump, Mike discussed on Mark Levin



She what if he does something so great during the course of his term can't me and they feared and they feared they give me the house of representative a simple majority power to impeach a president Mike go too far I remember there then created a president yet we didn't have a constitution yet but they're looking at monarchies when I look back in British history they saw the Tierney a monarchy but they also so the tyranny of mabach Chrissy because there were times that the parliament was tyrannical read a little bit about Oliver Cromwell among others and this is why your founders didn't create a parliament didn't create the kind of powerful centralized government that the left the media the Democrats running for president keep demanding they created what they created a Republic you can amend the constitution but you better work at it because you need the support of the body politic to change and so impeachment and supplies to the president what's to be difficult listen carefully to they didn't spend a lot of time debating impeachment of judges they didn't spend a lot of time debating pitchman of civil officers almost no time the vast majority of time was spent debating impeaching a president and they play the what if scenario what if he does this but what if the house does that what if this this in one of the concerns they have about impeachment as an idea barred.

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