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I hope that there's a lot more but i do think that the agreement right now has been somewhat blown out of proportion and that i don't want they don't want people to get their hopes too high based on what actually is going on now. Does that make sense. I got it. I got it. What you're saying is the forbidden door is not open but it is unlocked. Sure i mean. Obviously they are working together to a degree. I mean moxie is already shot the match with kennedy film that in december so like there was an agreement between the two sides to do some stuff together. But the idea that like there's now this full-fledged full on people are going to be going back and forth and we're just waiting for the maybe that will happen. I hope that does happen. But like i said if this way if this were relationship on facebook you would mark its complicated. You wouldn't necessarily mark married. That's all. I'm saying that the that would definitely be the case. Yes although you see how people react to. Aws annex st doing battle with each other on wednesday nights soviet. Let them have this. People have already fantasy book their entire golden lovers scenario. I'm sure i did like the dark order player so Reaching out and saying we want loss and gobber novelists japan so that that made me laugh And everybody can have a field day with this everybody can get their tweets out and this and that and hey look if nothing else. It just raises up A bunch of the frenzy amongst fans that are older new japan vans or should say older fans that remember new amiga in the young bucks and all that from a couple years ago and they're they're heights in new japan so the good brothers. That's why i'm really happy for because at some point i'm sure anderson gal would love to get back to new japan so to see them over there in that tag division would be kinda nice too. So that's that's where. I know but i hate who knows. Maybe i mean yes listen. Obviously there's a relationship. But i just don't want because i saw everyone really super excited about it is exciting. I mean we can't on a w and obviously if we've gone this far. I mean unless something goes wrong. I mean hopefully we will have a w stars going to japan and and taha she's of the world and okada's and everybody else coming in and working eight but i do feel the people got overly excited about the way the dave describe this and again i'm not saying he's wrong but i mean if you heard what he said. That's honestly when you would think that. Like tomorrow tashi may be on a w seemed to excite everybody over minoru suzuki to with his tweets apparently for some reason. So what is zouqi. Say no nothing. Just the dave manure imagine the impact of minoru. Suzuki would make you know as opposed to kenta and then people got all bent out of shape about that as if minorities zucchini showing up wouldn't get a bigger reaction than kenta no fence to canto. But you know now obviously crisex angle. The angle with kenta was awesome. Last night i mean what he saw it coming. I know we had a guy on the board. It was really upset if dave knew that kenta was going to be there. Why not say anything. I don't know if dave knew had no idea the way he works with they w with me at least is that nobody ever tells me what's going to happen. I mean they explain things after. It's already happened but like nobody is gonna say. Oh well you know kent is going to debut tomorrow. But don't say anything they just whatever happens happens so i. I don't know if dave news kennedy was going to be there. But i presume that he was a surprise as everybody else. But that's that's the story on kanta and next week. They've made actually a lot of things official for both of these shows here for eight. W we have got kenny. Omega kev jon moxley and lance archer it. A falls count anywhere. Anything goes match because the story is that kinshasa's with a w. so we can't sanctioned a match with the guy that start here so this will be one of their lights out like the show is over but they go in there. They all kill each other. And given. Its kenny omega kenta jon moxley lance archer. I think they're done gonna kill each other speaking of killing each other. If you're a fan of that darby allin will face. Joey vanilla for the tnt title. There's going to be a lot of killing of each other on this. Show chris jericho. Mg efforts of the acclaimed. In cody rhodes and lee johnson versus peter avalon and cesar bony. What's funny about this lineup. Here his about forty minutes after the top of the hour a w. always tells you what's coming up next week and they always give this line. Wow that's a lot of stuff coming up next week so this week they're given the lineup and when it's over i was like it's it what what like nothing against anybody here. But they gave us three matches darby and joey jericho and mgm versus acclaimed. And cody lee johnson versus peter avalon and cesar benoni this is the least exciting line-up you may have ever given us for next week. You become accustomed then the show ends. And we find out that. Kenny omega and kenta will team up to face jon moxley and lance archer. Somebody way back in a moment with mortar observer. Live are you sixty and love to travel. Introducing the senior travel discount network brought to you by low cost airlines. Call us anytime day or night and save up to seventy five percent under your airline and hotel reservations. We can help you. Save a ton of money to fly almost anywhere. We have inside discounts and over five hundred airlines and five hundred thousand hotels worldwide. And when you call and mentioned the discount code sixty plus we'll give you an extra free night with your qualified air and hotel reservation now. 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