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Less i like it it seems to me that people are being punished for success in this which is what democrats do well i'm a big attack her her aitor and i don't have a problem with her if i haven't could be fourteen enough and an work hard and make more money that i paid more impact and hard dollars uh but there is a it inherent disincentive with a progressive taxes in the way it is and um you know when you begin to look at their and and welker put aside everything else we need an inquiry mantle of win uh on this issue uh i wouldn't like in combination with what donald trump and the administration has done an de regulatory that we've seen across the board would wire thank our economy is beginning parent parole um it we need tax relief we do need tax relief i don't like this idea of targeted tax would if when he crossed the board a beer should lower the corporate tax i totally so that alone would drive me to support this jewish because that alone on reducing the corporate tax rate in my mind substantially helped the economy and i do like the path through peace now so far they've exempted law harms which i'm not happy about but i do think that the path through a 25 percent i think that's important for small business and so um i do think those are important things we should be rewarding small business people we should be rewarded our cooperation and creating jobs but realistically speaking i actually think frankly it's a moral take uh uh to take someone's income that big worked hard on there is a a big hit discussion that conservatives and republicans pickle you have effectively given up on.

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