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Now joined here by a little bit of a white whale we've been chasing for about a year and a half on this podcast one of your fan favorites Relief pitcher number. Forty eight time canley. Tommy how's it going man good man doing great. You know it just hanging out here. Great stuff what has quarantine like been been like for you. How close is your wife. Just just being driven insane by being around so for me. I think it's been great. I mean this is perfect for me. All you gotta do it. Quite video games watch. Tv stay inside. The only time relieve is to go throw outsider. Something that's about it. But yes. I feel like she's ready to just probably choke me by now with all the video games at the plan. What kind of video games do you play. The playing madden lately and i have dabbled into the show a little bit. But i'm pretty. I'm pretty fucking terrible. Yourself in the show i did once. It was pretty cool. I couldn't throw strike. Oh you're easily my favorite. I use you over chapman. Your change up is pretty ahead. -able in show. I don't know if you know that right. Yeah eventually got to a point where. I was literally just started up every time i came fast offered strikes miserable. Well that's like the same as you're doing a live ep. Talking with saying he faced lobby p and he just gets like five change in a from you so fuck over other ones. I caught. I play a lot of cod with brick. We're their and a lot of people. You play zone So we not the war zone. The other one. I think it's blood and money. Now was playing i for some reason. Last night i had a game like twenty four pills going ape shit overnight while call duty player on the team or is there someone that gives you run for your money. Let me see. Currently i would say probably yes Before it used to be a tarp was pretty good tarpley. okay yeah. He was pretty legit but we have one of our like assistant club. He's he's he's fucking nasty. It's gross. i've never seen a player like life. Niolai i think it was of you know who said recently that. You'll just go through a whole bag of gummy worms. Like out in the pen. Oh i yeah. It used to be terrible. I was bad back early shits since two twenty sixteen. I kicked that. I used to eat literally like two pound bag a sour pets is smashing it during the game. I was obsessed. I mean i went today to target like for one of the time to get out of the house. Go get food and stuff and i must have bought. Shed five six bags of sour patch. Kids gummy worms What else tax. Everything i stacked up for like three weeks so i never have to leave the house. You're gonna finish that by the end of the weekend right. You had this crazy red bull coffee thing. Talk about that for a little bit. Yes for a good while man. I was just as i think. I had like a really good outing. After i had like re red bulls in one day. It probably just made me super lock in had no idea so there. I was like. I have to do this every gate next thing you know. I'm doing three every game for like months. Next thing a year goes by next year. I'm up like four. This is probably two thousand sixteen like three or four day than seventeen came and upward six. Just getting insane. Those year i felt i was so locked in a it was outrageous then in eighteen. I kept doing the same thing i was like. Oh i got to do the same thing. it'll work. Nah with right downhill. You bring that over to the yankees. What the fuck are you do that for. I mean i kind of like what the fuck this guy do. Little best you guys before like coming back so like they kind of give a heads up like hey. This guy is pretty fucking nuts. The like it's eventually everybody comes to love it and then just that's how it is you have to do. It works like well. I i always mentioned. I played college. I jerk off once before a game. I went oath right for the doubleheader jerk off against lawn superstition in baseball. It's ridiculous. Well we tried to play off with your mcgrath member that you got a spot with those nami was was wearing burchett. Shoot on by a bird before like game wanted to this year when you guys beat the twins the twins get the astros wearing a short with burchett on it for like two straight weeks. The same thing. Look i was. If you guys won the world series. I was ready to send that to cooperstown. that's amazing. We have to do the same ship. The eagles like if If they if they lose. I won't wear bugging single thing the rest of the week till sunday. Or if they win i won't i won't watch basically anything. I wore the week before. Yeah role but real issue really appreciate you coming on taking the time. This was awesome and we'll see about the season. Thanks guys you guys. We.

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