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Week as well. Because starting females from other shows on the network. Someone talk about us little tell you what kind of message is getting out for us. All right. Let's say quick look at the numbers before we get to Alon Alon Goren, by the way, of course, is the first fat crowdfunding expert. So we ever talked to in this program. We can rejoice in the second look at the Dow Jones up three hundred seventeen points from one point two five percent. Nasdaq up eighty six seventy one seventy. As well as the S and P. I'll tell you. What's interesting that's happening on the market here. Especially with the Dow Jones. If you look at the at the ten day moving average was the short term moving average versus long-term. We're finally crossing over. The short term moving average is in a long term moving averages. E you see this blue line right here is starting to sway up. What that means is once you see that blue line cross above the red line. You'll see an uptrend right now on the Dow every new high higher than the previous high. So we almost gotten back all of our gains that we've lost since November will be. Let's say you're looking at the s and p guys if we could because the S and P tells a very similar stories is five hundred stocks. Also now has crossed over the long term moving average and the search for moving average about the same. So if this were a stock case, if we were looking at this as let's say, let's say you're looking at a chart for apple. Okay. This blue line. Here is a short term moving average, the red lines long term moving average, the dotted line is where the stocks trading as soon as the stock is trading. A Bob the red and blue line after the line crosses above. That's a strong by. So if I were to put it this way, just a regular soccer looking at right? I would call this a watch or a whole right here. Because over the next few days could very well. Be not only a by. But a strong. Hey,.

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