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Fairgrounds free admission Friday through Sunday to get a head start on your home renovations for the spring. All right. Three. Super Bowl, of course, was last Sunday. There was all sorts of controversy because there was a delay in getting the TV ratings out and Nielsen took a took a lot of criticism for it. But the numbers are, in fact out and I don't want to overstate this because a lot of people watch the game, but Compared to other years. The numbers are not good. The numbers came in. And what they say is that 96.4 million people watched the Super Bowl that includes the people that watched it on CBS around 91 million and the people who streamed it, which was another like 5.5 million, but all in all done 96.4 million people. Now that Zob Vesely a ton of people, but you have to compare it last year again, all in all done TV and streaming. Last year. Kansas City versus San Francisco 102 million people watched it, so it's it's down around 8% from last year. The biggest Super Bowl number was in 2015. That's when the Patriots played the Seahawks and back then that the number was 114 million. So in the space of five or six years that the viewership has gone from 114 million to 96 million, roughly again that that's a drop of 18 million. Viewers and that does include TV, and it does include Streaming s O down 8% from last year, the number People who watch the game again to give you some perspective. This is the lowest number of people watching the game since 2007. When Indianapolis played Chicago. That was a 93.1 million. And this was like 96.4 million, and, of course streaming is a much bigger deal now. Then it was back in 2007. So you got to go back to 2007 to have numbers that were anywhere near is low is what this was 8% from last year. Down dramatically from the high of five years ago. Now I get it. You're talking about 96.4 million people, So that's a lot of people that ended up watching it. But from the perspective of the NFL, the numbers are not moving in the right direction. Our number 85561616 20, That's the AC unit mortgage talk and text line. So what happened here? Why? Why were the numbers off now Ratings were down in the NFL all year. As a general, you can point to certain game here there it was high, but it's a general rule ratings were down. I think part of it was obviously the pandemic. Part of it was the no fans in the stands, and I think probably affected interest to an extent in some areas. S so you've got a unique set of circumstances and part of it, Woz. As far as the matchup goes, you did not have dream teams. I mean, you've got Kansas City and you've got you know Tampa Bay. You've got the compelling story about Tom Brady. But you know, a lot of people love Tom Brady. A lot of people hate Tom Brady. But you don't have big cities. Um You've got a game that I don't know what the interest was beyond with. The quarterbacks were and you've got a weird year. 85561616 20. That's the AC unit mortgage talking text line. Is this a one year blip? Or is this part of the long term trend that the NFL needs to be worried about? 85561616 20, I'll tell you where I come down on this. We'll discuss in just a moment. Or.

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