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In the ballpark and 'cause that the giants you know it's unbelievable i couldn't believe this the giants have not had a home grown outfielder hit twenty home runs in their ballpark since they opened it forever eighteen seasons of giants baseball eighteen seasons they've never had a 20yearold as somebody in their twenties hit for twenty home runs in a season except for one and we already gave that away it's okay crews junior and he goes 2003 i believe maybe two thousand four but cruz jr at age twenty nine did it but i mean the end and you look around these say well the the it's the ballpark you can't score runs in the ballpark all right well there's some truth in that there's only been thirty four twenty homer seasons in the history of the ballpark sixteen of those have come but from giants outfielder seven of those sixty gene we're barry bonds so basically there have been nine twenty former seasons in the last eighteen years from outfielders other than barry bonds and those snyman nine twenty runs seasons come from seven ballplayers jose cruz jr underpants moi's easa lou marquis grissom reggie sanders sanders ellis burks and pedro felise actually hit twenty or twenty two i believe one year your plane and left but i mean that's that's not a lot i mean we're talking about very few i mean you look at their their their run wwhy hasn't they had big time power in their outfield it's just they haven't had good outfielders they'd had dustin more and michael tucker and jason hell us and and you know randy winds a pretty good player but he's not a hitter steve finley at the end and dave roberts at the end and can of foray guys like fred lewis in nature holtz i love you nee but that's the truth in air rowland and pat bore all in gaza saudi ross and none of these guys have hit twenty bombs in.

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