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Oh that is a hard question. You know, what I want to see? So you wouldn't it wouldn't be at probably say maybe like yard. She he d you know, like, that's good. Yeah. What did you beyond say was listening? How you kind site stuff to me like that. No alphabets me most, you know, just so, you know, her JC happened to be fans of our podcast. Dave that we have really have on a thority that they downloaded the app they listened to the podcast. Already gotten closer to be saying, Jay. We'll to the show. Yeah. How many times have you? Homecoming for four times you love it. Oh, yes. I went to the screening at Netflix x four everybody else saw in cry. I knew I was going to be emotional. It's funny because I was scared. They'd be onto it was gonna be there. So I sat on the front row just in case. Yes. So she came out, you know, close all are you in a relationship or looking or happy where you're at? You know, what this is kind of funny? I maybe it's like a generational thing. But once I had a job and some money in the Bank. It was not of a concern to me anymore. You know, good for you. It's like at this point if I'm gonna be in a relationship, then you better be my husband, you know, like the ones. Yeah. So you're not looking at data bunch of people stuff to do. Yeah. Yeah. Marking much bigger. You're listening to this. And you think your husband material, contact us at the podcast? Yes. You'll go through a very very. Very rigorous screening process. Right. And eventually someone will maybe we'll maybe come through. Trying to fix business. He's working on. Husband, and he's got money. I'm looking for us. People actually learn that it's not your podcast. This is my cast. This is what's going to happen? And I will find you a husband, and you kind of love, and you will make babies. Okay. Make sure he has a 4._0._1._K. Absolutely. Yeah. A good retirement plan. Thank you. Can we talk about people magazine's most beautiful person? Yes. Jennifer garner. Jennifer gardner. Jennifer garner. Like, just a very, right. There is like that's just a classic choice for a lot of people were like good choice because not only is she really beautiful. She really has a good soul that comes through anything. That's that's true beauty. That's what Kevin has told me. Anyway, she was saying during the break, she was like, you know, I didn't realize this was going to be a thing. But until I got here. And then I was like, oh, it's a thing. This is really a very much did not want it to be a thing. Right. And yet, here's all you need to know about Jennifer garner. When this tells you everything you need to know about her. She has chickens and when she's moving the chickens from one house to our new house..

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