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Just don't because he he might go he might do the same to do the. Yeah try to get the re up again for the ten plus I wrote. I wrote a piece breaking down. His contract options at the athletic about a month and a half ago. I went through the argument for and against each way and it was. It was fun to to do that because like I've I've used his current team. Lebron James is like I call them. Icbm used before but actually worked really well to go through that but yes so that they're not going to be a contract so then to me. The first thought is well. The rockets are the weakest of them for a couple of reasons. One is I think term worry as the first one is tillman. Tillman the second one is exactly and also the rockets like they have guys under contract for a while for a long time going right before this Russell. Westbrook and James Harden have player options in twenty two twenty three. I expect Russell. Westbrook will pick up harden left to see if he's still playing an MVP level maybe he takes lower annual value and then but just signs ridiculously hilariously long contract. But we're talking. We're talking mid thirties harden and Russ for all of these years so they have players that they might have under contract to will be post prime but they also have a more is. I seemed very unlikely to still be there with with both the overall friction. He's had with the fact that it is for today. Just working with them doesn't really seem like the greatest thing in the world and then obviously the the fact that it can't be happy with them after this Flap with China. And that's cost the rockets a lot of money. I'm sure for. Tito will be hoping to recoup that Chinese money at the earliest practice point when it doesn't look like he's firing Daryl for that reason right and also they have enough. They have enough stuff right now that they're not going to be they're not can be adding acids we've talked about how little young talent the rockets have right now. And they've got you know because they've traded first round picks to get under the tax to to improve in the short term all those sorts of things and so it's going to be hard for them even if even if Maury for however long he's the GM keeps finding some quality players out of the rough. They're going to be having to find them out of the rough every time they're going to be and that's really hard. It's really hard to transform. And then you have the the Lakers who were just a money factory and the clippers who have an insanely wealthy owner. I think those those give them the advantage. Maury because I think he's the best negotiator of these three did get the most favourable terms so for example. The rockets picks in twenty twenty four. They're pick convey there they if they're picked doesn't convey it's one through four? Then they only give two seconds and then in twenty-six same thing one through four th was to give up one second. That's that's a lot better than unprotected. Pick but I you know. How much are you really freaking out about that upside? You know getting into that. I would say it's more about the organization than the protection knowing what we know right now. Maybe if you and I are having this podcast in two thousand twenty two. Maybe we know a lot more on her feeling a little bit differently about it but right now I would. I would rank it. Rockets are more desirable to have their picks. And then I think I would go lakers then clippers just because Lebron's age and the fact the he I think he has more equity within the organization. The clippers clippers are just a better a better organization. I think now. Perhaps the Lakers and the Lakers but talk. That is the one of easy counter. That is like they have a player. Who's more in line with this timeframe who is eighty thirty season would be out of the builder on him? Yeah I mean Lebron presumably is going to resign there after this contract and be making ridiculous amounts of money at that point you know the hill probably do another four year contract worry squirt squares up with Ronnie. That's my personal theory is that I think he's GonNa try to square it up so that he have you have. I told this theory on the podcast. Shit I've said it on my own. I think you mentioned. I think it's more likely than not that he might just doesn't make the maybe he does just for PR stuff but well. Yeah but that was my theory that Lebron says I will sign wherever he gets drafted and then that leads to Brownie getting overdraft because Oh my God we get Lebron for a year or two and you can sell jerseys and all that we'll see I. I don't know how to evaluate. Fourteen year olds wasn't like wild by seeing the one time I saw it in person I read. I think Rafael hard to breakdown on him. It wasn't it was positive but not glowing so yeah I agree with you. I think I would go although that Lakers. Pick the fact just as one individual asset the fact that it can be deferred and it's unprotected both years that might trump any individual. Houston year because you can hedge your bets. Yeah you get you get a lot more information and you get and you get the choice. Yeah and is going to be that good at. What like thirty two at that point. Now he actually. He's younger than that. Though for the twenty four draft. I'll be thirty season for the twenty. Five draft age thirty-one season so. Yeah he'll still be quite good. Probably okay so give me the rest of your top five. We both agree number one. Is that twenty twenty one minnesota. After that I really which is Top three protected and unprotected in two thousand twenty two. That's a golden safe that he angela Russell Teal but I really had a ton of difficulty differentiating after that. Yeah I originally had Houston's twenty twenty four. I over the Lakers one. But I'm going to switch that because of the choice. I think the choice that it's double unprotected. I'm going to switch those then. Number two is the Lakers. Twenty twenty four or twenty five pick New Orleans gets to choose so that's my second best outstanding that number three then. Is that Houston twenty twenty four. The reason I'm going twenty. Four over twenty six is. It's a little bit sooner. And because all their main guys aren't going to be under under contract anyway so it's like well that might be when they're retooling reloading all that type of stuff. Maybe that's the trough and so I I agree with you there and then the other one that you could make an argument. I mean maybe you make an argument that the warriors should be there but my ideas there guys. They have some good guys under contract. I think Klay Thompson wage reasonably well and I bet I think organizations is better than the rockets especially when we're thinking. Where will the rockets be in three years rather than they are right now so I put the warriors pick? So that's toward that conveys of. It's five thirty in twenty four. Otherwise almost definitely conveys in twenty twenty-five most of the day of the number one pick and then my number five then we're really like their bunch of them that around that I just want to twenty twenty four I because it's it's sooner than some of the other ones and it is the certainty but that that when that to me there was a line between the fourth pick and everything else. Yeah and you could make the argument that when we're dealing with so far out. Maybe you're better off just going with an unprotected. Pick right the that just doesn't matter you just. There's no way you can suspect it. I don't know if I quite believe that. But there's no way you can anticipate what teams going to look like four years. We've seen how are twenty? Twenty Crystal Ball went awry. If you need evidence of that and that was two years ahead. That's mention four years ahead. So that one is an argument for just just picked the unprotected one and so that's why I like that Lakers one number two because it's unprotected and you pick one of the two years And also just because like it's awesome. We haven't had this in the air that I've been covering the league. The strategy of that is GonNa be absolutely fascinating. So what do you think of this? Utah one that is Obama's. I actually think that one could be interesting because twenty twenty one go bare as a free agent. Can they agree on a new contract there? If they don't get there the next couple years they don't have a great way of replenishing of and they'll be kinda rebuilding around Mitchell but he's also see them being a late lottery team that you're I think it's most likely to convey in twenty two and it's only protected if it's top six so I don't think a team with Donovan Mitchell. And they're well run. Dennis Lindsey and everything else like I. I don't think they're going to be one of the six teams. Maybe jumps up lottery reform. So yeah there is some upside there. I consider that one to be especially or or at least I see them as maybe like a low end playoff team at that time but even that you know the eighteenth pick twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty two could be a good draft. We don't know it's probably GonNa do this here. Yeah so that's just want to keep an eye on because I'M NOT SURE UTAH. You think of them as they're sending team but then you really look at their roster and Mitchell is their only decent guy under twenty seven right now that the major part of what they're doing right now have an inflection point with Conley and some of this other stuff to see. That's an interesting one. The Milwaukee pick is compelling me on the idea that if if you honestly leaves but it being eleven through thirty and then basically never being unprotected. I don't like picks that never that that maintain a level of protection that I think is it could potentially fall into that sort of thing like you might end up with just two seconds and that sucks all right a couple of questions here before we wrap up are there any twenty twenty picks that you would rank ahead of outstanding twenty twenty one picks full picks not swaps. Okay so basically what? I'd rather have the sixteenth pick because that's the best one that's that's currently owed walls. I'll I'll say this. I've only watched a little bit of film on a single person in the two thousand twenty draft but my goodness. I think I'd rather I think I'd rather have almost anything in twenty one. Yes so what you'd be looking at here in twenty one. Well okay obviously the Minnesota when we rentable takeout excluded Minnesota when I I assume I assume that was going. Yeah so really. The ones that are gonNA conveying. Twenty-one ARE PROBABLY HOUSTON DALLAS MIAMI. So let's say the best the most the best of those pictures probably can be. Maybe some around twenty. Would I rather have the sixteen pick and drop? The people think is bad or the twentieth pin. That people think might be good. I'd rather the twentieth well and another reason. I think I might prefer twenty. Twenty one is twenty twenty one off season. Seems like it's going to be a much more movement heavy off season than this one is going to be and so having that ammo then in the form of the pick which you can trade without having to Matt Salary you can let the other team make the pick if they want to also supposed to be a good draft. Yeah it's tough Joe. Houston DALLAS MIAMI. You mean some of those could be number thirty. I don't care how bad draft I'd rather have fifteen in a bad draft thirtieth good. Yeah that's true. I shouldn't have used the best pick. I should've used the worst one. Yeah so it's sixteen versus sixteen versus thirty is is a different conversation. Yes so I think there's a couple of these ones that I would rather have twenty twenty but we don't know the other thing though is you don't know which of Miami Dallas or Houston. It's going to actually be the worst while like any of those team. I think probably Miami has the least upside of that group for twenty twenty one I would again. They could all all those could be fifty when teams one. More question here. What is the highest upside? Pick other than the Minnesota one. We'll see you think that one has the highest upside is top three protected the first year actually think it might be the. Lakers won the Pelicans. Join the twenty four twenty five you get two bites at the apple and that's so far out it's so far and it's unpredicted right. Yeah and they are not despite the fact that they've gotten it together. I don't give their organization much credit for that and I think if they really have to build things that it could get pretty ugly and especially if he just ends up missing half the season one of those years could be trouble and we've seen even a and then you also look at the idea that what say they. Are you know the tenth worse record? Both of those years will one of those two years. They might pop up in the lottery. And you get to decide after the first year whether you want to take that or not so. It's not perfect you could. You could be a hilarious situation where you deferred and actually get worse. Pick a year later without easily happen slowly. Which is what which is. What's so beautiful about this too? Yeah one other thing I wanNA mentioned just just the ridiculousness of the thunders were chest so they have A..

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