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No fancy new titles are important, but new, exciting projects are invigorating for visitors and for points. Yeah, No kidding. Well, there's a lot of that tie in fire at a question or comment on Madore. Justin Fiscus here. No better sort, guys. Good morning, guys. And I don't have a question that this one is just a thank you to all of you. People of the Dora The flag station for their big deals are made, and I had our first trip to the door last week, and it was just It was just breathtakingly visit the park on Thursday and Friday and then spend all day Amador was Thursday Friday night dinners in the door. But all day Amadora downtown doing the thing and I have heard so many stories in the scene things online but never realized. Just the beauty of what's offered their show. The dinner was great scenery was breathtaking the shows and then to find out that the museum appeared that the president of the library's gonna be right in that location. I was just Just beautiful, incredible show, and we just want to say thank you to everyone. I hear people express what you just did Tie a lot. I mean as fun to hear, isn't it? Justin? Ty. Thank you for sharing that experience you just told us about. I mean, That's why we do it. It's so it's so great to hear that you guys have amazing time and I love hearing first time stories, too. It really shows you know all the way from the greeters to the performers to the The time put the stages It was just, you know, In that way, we all stood up for the flag special anthem We honor the veterans. They ended with that. What's his name? Strong at the end, and the everybody stood up. It was just a godless America. It was just It was just I was just perfect coming with tears in my eyes. The times like kids where it was so happy with just a wee thank you guys very much for all your efforts so much. Thank you. Thanks for coming or so glad your family enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing with listeners. What is happening in Medora right now explain. We talked earlier with you a week in a little bit about the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, the selection of the architect for that particular project, which makes it real, right. When you say you come off the pages and say, Wow, Here it comes. Here's what it could look like. This is the dream. This is the vision. Tell us a little bit about what's happening. Well, you know, it's easy to say there's a group of people planning an amazing project in Medora, but I think what is really happening Is The thing that stuck with Theodore Roosevelt when he was here, the feeling you get in the badlands that Ty and his family had, um, I think the world is tapping into that right now. And that's what hooked the group from around the nation working on the Theatre Roosevelt Presidential Library right now, and that's why they're here today. That's why they're they're saying this is the place. To honor the legacy, toe, learn and experience and connect with Theodore Roosevelt, his time here and his time ah as president as mayor. As the rough rider and, Ah It's easier than to say, and now they're looking at designs. What's really driving that same feeling? That tie just explained in the badlands connecting to this place, and there's something special that You can put your finger on a handful of the components of but you can't coy express all the time perfectly. That's what's happening is people are connecting to Medora for positive life changing experiences. And one of the incredible things that's going to happen very soon as one of those experiences is going to be the on ly Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in the world. No, that's just wrap your mind around. That isn't what 15 of these type of facilities in the entire world. But there's only one Theodore Roosevelt Presidential library and the fact that would be there what I get most excited about. Honestly. I mean, I think I love presidential libraries to the history part of it and bringing that all the life in the in the fashion that you can in a facility like this. This is just, you know. Unlike anything, even in our state at all. When you talk about museums really incredible with ease how they are, but I just like the fact that a lot of people are going to be taking the Madurai exit off of I 94 And the numbers are going to continue to grow and grow and grow on that experienced I had with his family will grow and expand and bring the park itself upto numbers that align with other park. Right, Justin Yeah, I think there's going to be too really incredible things that happened. You touched on the first one. The economic The impact of western North Dakota is going to be incredible. We're really, really grateful for the wonderful industries that we have in Western article with agriculture and energy of all type types. You've got tourism. You know, there's so many good jobs that you can have a North Dakota. This is just going to take that to the next level Hospitality tourism opportunities for Small business owners to take advantage of opportunities of those people pulling off of the interstate and needing toh stay in Dickinson or needing to explore Mohr of the Badlands and just what's in Medora? The economic opportunities going to be incredible, and the other thing is something that's harder toe grasp in some way, but The feudal Roosevelt Presidential library. Is going to be a digital library for an analog president. You're not on Lee going to be ableto come to Medora, an experience connection with the president. Right here, but you are also going to be able to connect with him all over the world. And it's an incredible thought that the presidential library group is talking about..

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