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In 1928 and two apartment buildings were closed after structural problems were found. I'm Tim Maguire Disgrace. Chef Mario Batali, his business partner and their New York City restaurant company are agreeing to pay $600,000 to resolve allegations but tally restaurant managers and other workers sexually harassed employees. I'm Jackie Quinn. A P News. The top international official in Bosnia has outlawed the denial of genocide. The move is intended to counter Bosnian Serb attempts to deny that the 1995 tripper needs a massacre was genocide. Valentin in school. The outgoing chief of Bosnia's office of the High representative change the country's criminal code, where any denial of genocide will result in a prison sentence. Likewise, any glorification of war criminals such as naming of streets or public institutions will receive the same fate. Cisco said he decided to use his powers. After waiting for years Football's news politicians to act. He cited a refusal by the Bosnian serve assembly to withdraw decorations awarded to three convicted war criminals. I'm Karen Shamas. The death toll in China has risen as floodwaters remain in several Chinese cities, as well as in the central city of Zhengzhou. The toll rise comes as a rescue operation in the major central city continues. One man was rescued after spending three days trapped in a flooded underground garage following torrential rains. Man managed to stay alive by laying on a ventilation ducts surrounded by floating cars. Meanwhile, rescuers used bulldozers and rubber boats to evacuate residents of areas that were still under water. The rain also flooded a subway tunnel wherever a dozen people died, knocked out power to a hospital and left streets filled with mud. While skies have now cleared parts of Zhengzhou and other cities, including heavy Jin, Jiang, Yin and Yang are still underwater. I'm Karen Shamas. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. My dad used to say that sure. Yeah, it's from Geico. Yeah. Whenever I would ask my dad for life advice, he'd sit me down and say, Son 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. And look at me now. A well adjusted adult with the drawer full of plastic bags. I'll never used. Okay. I'm confused. Was your dad a license? Geico agent. He was just a real good dad. Geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more update. I'm Ben Thomas with an A P news minute. The average number of new Covid 19 cases nationwide has risen from less than 12,000 month ago to nearly 38,000 this week in Virginia Friday night, President.

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