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And need more more than that on this guy. Erode Vaga Bonding Ralph Pot. Yeah off pots. Yeah thanks so you know I. I kind of like his way of analyzing things and and he's got some insight. I think Gary Aren't he has set off to look for. I think all the national parks in America or something like that. So He's you know he's folk like about Gary is that he didn't know Jack Shit about taking photographs when he started and now he's won awards for his photography. So you know kind of self taught and I respect him for having done that There as far as blogs are concerned. It's not travel blog but I always enjoyed weight but y dot com. I don't know that one. What is that about? It's not a travel blog. It's it's a guy who writes really long blog posts there. Some of them are very funny. Anyway he's one of the few bloggers actually kind of fall. Tim Ferriss Has Some useful ideas I think for people like us who WanNa travel extensively you know how to build a business on the side that gives you some sort of passive income Tim Ferriss and setting goals. He's good at that that kind of stuff. A lot of people think he's a little bit of a weasel maybe is but overall. I think he's got his got some good tips. I think overall so. I sometimes pay attention to his block. It if you're interacting with people on social media or someone that you're just meeting random way you have like a golden rule piece of advice for travelers like some wisdom that you would impart on them just a regular people. Why don't we do on for a two categories so average person and then more the senior traveller? Okay just advice. The average person is kind of what I need to way back at the conversation where I was just saying. A lot of people have an excuse that they can't travel because they think they don't have enough money or time but I encourage people to just explore their own area wherever you may live. Draw big circle radius of one hundred kilometers two-under kilometers or maybe even five climbers and just explore that area around. You wherever you happen to live and you'll be surprised and when you export don't just like see the sights doc. People Get Stories. Meet PEOPLE. And that can be fulfilling for the advanced traveller. I don't know if I could teach anything or adviser anything to the advanced travel. They usually a lot So I'm not sure if I could but I I would say that I get ready for West and Middle Africa. I think they're tough looking at your website. I it looks like you have one unique philosophy that you employed successfully and you drove thousands of kilometers across Africa in your own truck in my understanding. Is You picked up hundreds and hundreds of hitchhikers across Africa on your journey that might seem a little counter intuitive in terms of safety and security. What's Your Fos iffy on this? Why did you do this as a great question Rick so I actually gave? Ted Talks about this. It said seven lessons. I learned seven surprising lessons. Learned from picking up three thousand African hitchhikers. And the lessons. I mean I guess you gotta listen to Fedex stock It'll be published soon. Probably by the time this airs. summarizes the seven lessons and some of the anecdotes from that thing. But part of the reason is that one of things. I dislike about driving in a car when you're traveling is that it's a bubble and a lot of times when we go to quote unquote dangerous places like Afghanistan or Somalia. Whatever we're in a car and says protective little bubble that we're in and we just get shuttled from place to place. We don't ride public transportation and and we don't walk from place to place and I was afraid of doing that with Africa because I didn't want to be isolated from the Africans. The whole point of my books is a try to understand the cultures of the places that I'm traveling and so my way to combat. That was to pick up bunch of hitchhikers. 'cause I figured this way I'll learn about the Africans themselves by just meeting them hanging out with them. They often invited me to their home after I dropped him off. Whatever and it was a wonderful way to do it. The other thing is that it gives you security There's safety in numbers. Obviously if you pick up the wrong hitchhiker. Then it's not secure but let's say I pick up one person and then I pick up a another woman and then I pick up another guy so now Olson. Let's say the third person is like a thief or jerk or whatever You know criminal well Olsen. He's in a car with three other Africans with him. He's not GonNa do anything to me. So you're just playing the numbers game that maybe. I won't get assaulted by because most people are honest and as a result if I pick up a bunch of checkers when that one bad apple shows up he's probably going to be surrounded by a bunch of good apples. I love this theory so people are inherently good. So as you're saying if ninety five percent of people are inherently good and five percent of the bad apples you've in essence increased your safety and security by having more random strangers in your car at the same time so again. If you're using those statistics what are the odds. That the three people you randomly pick up all happen to be bad actors right right and the network for me. That's awesome. I I really find that pretty fascinating and and it seems like a very sound theory. I don't I I know. This is near impossible with three thousand hitchhikers. Go back in time in. Bring us into your car. Where you've picked up two or three or four random guys or woman Bring into that scene would is. I mean is tell us a story or anecdote of random car ride with a couple strangers. That was funny or memorable or interesting Quite a few of them to to think about I do remember one time it was one of those in Guinea I guess the just regular Guinea and I picked up. It was near the end of the day and they would ask me where. I would stay out. I'm just going to camp somewhere. He's okay. Why don't you come stay with my family? And I stayed with the man who was a bigamist so he had two wives and had two houses and they're facing each other. It was just such a fascinating experience because he was he had. Maybe about twenty children. Arnold seemed that way Just relatives I would say. Twenty relatives may be ten children running around in his two wives And they would serve me dinner. It was all dark no electricity. We're just by candlelight or our flashlight and they treat me like royalty they give me. Everybody eats off of one plate. But because I was the guest gave me my own personal plate to eat out of and I got to see them. Play checkers. Or something similar game two checkers outta is such a simple thing but I was just blessed that Y I couldn't have this experience anywhere else and in my Ted Talk I tell about the one really bad experience I won't share the whole thing but it's basically happened in the DRC. Were where somebody did actually tried to steal from me but the two people who stole from me was in Rwanda when was in the Congo. Those two individuals. I caught them and they eventually got the money. Back in both cases so I never really and that was only because rejoice was putting your person the back seat which was really stupid and when we before rejoice came into my life nobody had ever stolen from me at all period and it was only because she is starting to put her person in the backseat. Which was of course tempting to an African just sitting there next purse so eventually she stopped doing that So the thefts went away. Okay so that can be your another piece of advice Besides exploring the near community where you live. Don't put the person in the backseat. There you go. It's funny I I would always say like why do you do that? She's like well. I feel like it's my house. This car is my house and like why would somebody come into my house and steal for me. I'm helping them out. I'm like you know we're helping them out and giving the Murad anyway. Whatever it Francis. I know you're whether it's the beginning or the middle of your continued journey but looking back whether it's South America or Europe or Africa. What are you most proud about? If you're if you're looking at your travel is a career. Would you going to point to? Which would you most proud of that? You've done and the Travel World I. I'm pretty happy overall about my trip to Africa. This one that we've been talking about you know to me. That's kind of unusual accomplishment because there's been many people I'm sure you've interviewed many of the people who have been all the African countries but there's very few who kind of systematically go through them. Climb the tallest peak and that kind of stuff and just do that without leaving the continent at any point. That was pretty unusual. So in that sense I feel happy about Vata Collision Francis. I listened to your podcast. I believe you recently had a a recap twenty nineteen episode also a forecasting episode and in that forecast. You said at some point. I'm going to finish one ninety three. So let's talk about your next goal your next bucket list. You're at one hundred twenty. Un countries. What's your future? Hold in the world of travel so as we talked about before like a big regions and so my next big region is kind of West and Central Asia which includes all the stands as well as the Middle East and the Gulf states. So that will be my next big chunk and I hope to do that. Next year and there's about twenty five countries there and then after that so is that twelve months twenty five months. It's I I I would like to do it. In twelve months. I would like to do twelve months Because frankly I don't really like societies that segregate men and women and a lot of the Middle East. Does that from my understanding? Maybe I'm wrong. But it seems that they don't intermingle as much as they do. In other societies. So that's one thing that makes me want to just go through relatively quickly. But maybe I'm sure I'll find something that I really like and enjoy about the place all I if if I have to make one prediction once you hit there. It's not going to end up being twelve months. The that's going to be twenty minutes. Yeah well my Africa trip was supposed to be three years five years And My Eastern Europe was supposed to be one year turned into three years so yes. I have a bad record of doing this. But this time I'm married and my wife doesn't want me to be away for that long she's.

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