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Woke him to unhappy. Our the show where we bitch about all the things we love to hate every single week. I'm your host or Matt Bella Cy. I'm here in the studio as always with my producer berry berry berry came out was going on. I don't know what you what are you doing? I don't know. I'm just kind of like sitting here with you. What do you do? I'm obviously trying to introduce this got them episode of the trash introduction that you wrote. You wrote these words all of the words that were saying right now, we're brief elected. Hi, matt. Get into the fighting show. We're going to start things up as always with worse things. I the segment where I shot about the worst news of the week. We had all lot of great stories today. I'm excited including one that literally every person tweeted out so glad we're doing that. After that, we're diving deep into winter fashion, and when I say diving deep I mean it because there's approximately three hundred layers of sweaters, we need to get through. I can barely see my own house. As opposed to summer fashion where I regularly see. And finally, we have got the whole area stand up comedian LIZA traeger as our guest complainer this week. If you haven't had the absolute Rivlin of seeing for live, you should watch her Netflix special as part of the degenerates lineup, but don't do it right now. Keep listening to this please. So let's get into it. Let's do it. Let's start the show. All right horse things. I the worst news of the week. I. This is perhaps the most story has ever been sent to me. And I don't know what that says about me as a person, but it really combines all of the things that my brand because the brand of the show. A woman in Texas has been banned from WalMart. After writing an electric scooter in the parking lot drinking wine from Pringles can Shiro. Who says women can't have it all this woman is proving all of the haters wronged. I hide so many questions for her. Namely, where does she get the courage? I'm afraid that she's actually an unhappy. Our listener whose inspired by all of these crimes. That's why we need merch is because we would know if she got pulled up on and just busted open the jacket. She was wearing it. And it was just my face. Speaking of merge, if you would buy happy are merged. Maybe let us know because it's something we're considering. All right. So police responded to a call around nine AM. It's five o'clock somewhere. Yeah. About a suspicious person in the parking lot of a WalMart in Wichita falls, Texas, and then investigators showed up they found her eating at a nearby restaurant. She parked her vehicle. Her electric scooter. Apparently, the police caller said that the woman had been riding around the store's parking lot since six thirty A N. It's a little joy ride. I just love that the caller waited two and a half hours and was like, you know, what this is gone on long enough. That's the amount of time. It took for her to be like, I should call the police on this woman during joy ride in the parking lot on an electric cart. I also like why she like two things. I mean, a lot of things had to happen in the run-up to this event, but mostly she had to eat an entire jar of Pringles. And then she had opened bottle of wine or box and had to transfer the contents of the bottle to the Pringles. Can there's no way that thing didn't immediately get soggy 'cause it's made of cardboard so she's just holding a Soghi sock of wine. Very important detail that has been left out of this story is what flavor Pringles because that's really going to change the the atmosphere. Fire the wine. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. What do you think the best Pringles can to drink wine out of would be sour cream and onion? Wow. That was fast. But only with like your Chardonnay. I think oh, yes. It dryness. Okie nece would bring out some of the sourness and onion Ness of the sour cream and onion Pringle, also the cardboard of the Pringles, can it self probably also adds to the okay nece cardboard trees. I also like if you know that thing where you put to Pringles like a duck. Of course, it's like a funnel. Oh my God. You're right. You could hold..

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