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New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams discussed on Bill Cunningham


Association. The partial government shutdown about to hit day thirty one the back and forth continues at this point the two sides appear to be playing a political game of chicken here. Each putting proposals on the table. And by forcing the other side say not those proposals, essentially, they're trying to get the other side to own the shutdown, but we will have to say who the voters end up blaming for this and whether blame is shared or whether one side does on ABC's David Wright, Sweden says South Korean diplomats will attend so-called small format talks with North Korea's deputy foreign minister Sweden's government, not saying where the talks are happening or what the schedule is Super Bowl. Fifty three is set. The New England Patriots are AFC champions after a thirty seven thirty one overtime win over the chiefs in Kansas City Chiefs, go I should say the patriots gonna meet the NFC champion. Los Angeles Rams are twenty six twenty three overtime win over the saints in New Orleans. Richard cantu. ABC news. Now Ketu weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance mountain snow fell on Sunday. We're looking for mainly dry conditions Monday. Snow levels will stay low at first start to climb as we head into Tuesday works thinking to see maybe another two inches of snow as it starts to fall above forty five hundred feet on Tuesday back to Monday. Those should be mainly dry for your holiday with key. To storm tracker weather Mary Los forecast. Our radio. Swansea will be here to talk about what Robert.

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