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But they said well my exit might my late spouse their benefits higher than mine so i'll take that benefit and they never knew that because they never applied for their own benefit it kept growing until seventy and it may have actually gotten to a point that was larger than the survivor benefit they were receiving and well they're never informed that they could have switched over to that higher benefit because they didn't know here's the here's the example that they gave in january two thousand eleven an individual applied for retirement and widow's benefits january two thousand eleven okay she was eligible for a fourteen hundred three widow's benefit and her retirement benefit was eleven hundred forty how old was she did they say they did not say okay okay social security payday combined widows and retirement benefit amount of fourteen three consisting of the original eleven forty and two hundred sixty three dollars as a widow's benefit similar to what you might have paid is this right by limiting the scope they said of her application she would have received the widows fourteen hundred three monthly benefit and then retain the option to apply for higher retirement retirement benefits at a later date what they're saying is so instead of applying for her first and then the widows to tack on top of it they should have had her apply for just the must've been under full retirement age because that means that she is not applied for her own and because she hasn't applied for her own would continue to grow because it wasn't reduced before full retirement age and then grow but delayed retirement credits after that but they locked her into the lower one because they signed her up for both right off.

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