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Of viruses with Michael and Sons. German Sidle U. V C, Go to Michael and son dot com. Way of traffic and weather on the Eights. Rita Kessler in the W. T O P Traffic Center, seeing the delay starting to build on the inner loop of the Beltway, heading from Maryland and Virginia, using the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, not sure if it's The local or through lanes will watch for any activity that may be there, possibly a work so and set up there If you're on Route 50 that delay is back near Cape ST Claire, trying to head on to the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. The right lane of two is blocked with the work, So it's a single left getting by. But the westbound span is running two way traffic. So there are two lanes headed eastbound. Just not on the same side of the bridge. Elsewhere in Maryland, West bound 100 after 10 for that was the scene of an earlier crash. Also, we do still have many. Area roadways flooded out, including Route 53 Knights rode South bound between Charlotte Hall and 2 36 There's a two way traffic operation using the North bound lanes, so that's causing a bit of a delay. Route. Five between 2 38 in good reclaimed as well as Maryland six north of 2 35 3 Notch Road. Brandywine north of 2 31 Prince Frederick Road, Plum Point Road, west of Wilson Road to 2017 between Phillips and and Livingston Road, Lower Marble Road near Mill Branch. Roads in Prince Frederick is 7 65 or Main Street between Calvert Town Road and route for Solomon's Island Road. Also in Solomon's Island, Sixes Road near Grays Road. That road remains flooded out now to 60 Chesapeake Beach Road east of Old Solomon's Island Road. There were wires down in the roadway that was causing you to be under police direction. In Virginia. The accident activity in Falls Church north bound 29 at Fairview Park Drive has you under police direction? Thie eastbound Toll road a slow go getting onto the ramp to the loo. Of the Beltway. The Left side gets by the work eastbound 66. Inside the Beltway, slowing approaching Route seven and passing Washington Boulevard with the work set up in both stretches. Plan on Crossing the Bay Bridge. Get current traffic it Bay bridge dot commer 1877 Base ban All electronic tolling is now live Get easy passed today. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic and now to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Humidity won't quite be as bad as we dry out today. Temperatures there going to be back. The mid to upper seventies and who.

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