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Show WCBS Dr Dan here with us. And we're we're lucky to have a twenty four year old young man here with us because it's a different perspective. And Jack, I appreciate you're willing to to be open and honest with us because of course, so let's let's talk about it from your perspective. So view acknowledged him the struggles that you have these expectations. Maybe your parents ever, you friends ever you family and you have for yourself. How do you deal with this struggles to be honest with us? I mean, what are you? What do you do when things aren't going your way, or or you know, it didn't work out that way it was playing? What do you do with those things? I think I have obviously cycled through all of this sort of sob cystic ways that we deal with these sort of things in turn and Casale. Sticks. But. Over time now sort of coming out of a darker place. I've started using fitness the gym that's talking about that is one. Yeah. That's what interpersonal relationships are probably the most important thing. I in my opinion. So talker. What does that mean interpersonal relationships show different changes in yourself from how you were when you were sixteen or eighteen and how you are now on how you deal with personal relationships could question absolutely and say, it's obviously two very different beasts in terms of your friends, and sort of love relationships and the hard thing, I guess going forward in life with serve romantic relationships is not kind of retain the negativity in baggage the experienced from sort of earlier. Well, that's why when you look at. Let's talk about that. You look at the divorce rate's fifty percent second. Marriages sixty five percent third. Marriages seventy three percent. Yup. Gets worse. And I think Jack to your point. I think Dan, unless we stop, and we say I've been single now for nine years unless we stop and say, what am I doing wrong? Yeah. This is tough conversation with yourself. It's very tough, right? Especially something wrong. A lot of people will never accused himself appoint fingers. Right. Right. Yeah. Had done this or that or whatever. Always the fault that does the sixty four. Yeah. Yeah. You got the second time around because they don't learn from there. They don't learn also sit on a ways we are sending their ways. Right. And so on the older, we get the the less compromising. Maybe we are. I know I I absolutely agree with you. Some of my favorite words are uncertainty, please. And thank you. And you're right. And you're right. Yeah. You're married. You gotta. Wife. Does the best solution? Self-deprecation vulnerability humility. Yes, I think this powerful. I like, I hope I really do hope and I pride myself on. And I think I'm open to it at Lisa is is is to be open to be transparent and to be humble. And to say, you know, but again, you know, how did it make you feel? I'm sorry. If I heard you feelings or really my books on communication, you guys know that the most important person, we communicate with ourselves. That's essentially what we're saying here, and Jack I appreciate your maturity because there's a twenty four year old generation. It really is an my issue with and I'll say because I'm a father, you know, with millennials our generation, whatever they are is case. Technology. Now, what did he mean by that tax? What do they mean by that Email and all those things it's changed? And I think I gotta take us exchange for the worse. And I'm not dating myself. I'm only I agree with you. Yeah. Especially for like if we're now around the subject of relationships, especially texting and are very difficult. It becomes very possessive sort of nature of relations tone on the text. There's.

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