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And the 20th century the bonds of that democracy what tested again when we come back the political upheavals of the 1960s and they're echos today stay with us support for this podcast in the following message come from subaru who was love promise is a dedication to make the world a better place here subaru retailer rocky decrease the fauna on how to saen subaru makes a positive impact a lot of corporations give money and support charities but the subaru love promise goes much deeper than that we had a bike building event uh uh last year the end we had our staff build these bikes for children that had leukemia in then we brought the children now to get their bikes the active actually taking your staff and going in delivering them and having a deal with the emotion pretty pretty special powerful staff to learn more about the subaru commitment to its customers and communities visit subaru dot com slash love dash promise we are now in the 1960s is thrown world is exploding violence flaring bull as low euro martin luther king junior is leading the civil rights struggle are deep partisan divisions in the country it's another moment of crisis where it seems like the nation as coming apart protest pickup lines meetings took her age ward demonstrators protest us involvement in vietnam war the complex plan is a secret organization which for one hundred years has been allowed to exist in this country america has given the negro people are bad check attack quick his comeback mark in but pippen frana.

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