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Helped him win a fossilised against pompey who has been with caesar every step of the way if you are seen a civil war come between octavian mark anthony you have a choice because if you're on the losing side you're going to be butchered by fellow romans and so you looked at that and went do i choose the air and the family or do i choose the capable commander the general the right hand man and some will choose one in one some will choose the other now what ends up happening is mark anthony kind of burns himself out because he falls in love with clear petra and the sides he'd rather be pharaoh of egypt which i'll grant you is a great job but he's going to lose a lot of romans when he kind of goes that way when he starts employing egyptian army's he starts acting and dressing and tattooing like exude a roadway cuba egyptian pharaoh rather than stoic roman so a lot of guys who start with a mark anthony in the early days kind of walk away and go to act haven and rome itself goes octavian worried that what mark anthony really wants to do is conquer rome make room egypt sharon slash greek and install cleopatra's a queen slash god octavian was was excellent at stoking people's fears of the other it's kind of funny that romans were so worried that mark anthony would bring in this this decadent greek culture and make one greek when that's what's going to happen the educated classes are already steadying greek door ready learning greek they're already reading plato in homer it's going to happen.

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