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I need to when you go if you like it this is cut you a check going back to go get a you go I need to I need to which was soon devil don't you David Tuesday March thirty first go to an unidentified fifty one year old man in Washington state who was arrested Sunday following a high speed chase on interstate five he is facing several charges I'm not judging okay have you doing things you don't got no business doing this sometimes you gotta take the police on a high speed chase it is what it is I don't agree with people driving drunk because when you are driving drunk you put yourself at risk but even greater you put other people at risk and it's just stupid to drive drunk nowadays when you can call what when you can call you know lists like there's absolutely no reason to be driving drunk you can still have a designated driver and here's the thing this man is being charged with drunk driving but he claims he wasn't driving in fact when the police officers pulled him over there was somebody else in the driver's seat okay he's blaming everything that happened on his designated driver CD's fifty one year old man from Washington state said he was teaching somebody to drive and that's who should you know get all these charges and I know what you're thinking teaching someone to drive how dare you know he gets some little kids do his dirty work because that's usually we're teaching how to drive right little kids but no that's not who he was teaching the drive let's go to K. O. M. O. newspaper report please I'm gonna sound cast today arrested on suspicion of DIY after state troopers say he led them on a chase and get this with his dog in the driver's seat this happened around one fifteen this afternoon troopers say the man hit two vehicles at the Boeing access in Seattle but kept on driving troopers spotted the car which was going more than one hundred miles per hour at the time the driver got into nearby trail several times before that chase came to an end it once and spike strips were put out to stop the car troopers say the dog was actually in the driver's seat the man told investigators he was teaching the dog how to drive but he was steering for the dock yep this fifty one year old identified man was teaching his pit bull how to drive see I don't understand pet lovers I mean I do but I don't okay not pet lovers like this see this is the extreme people who you know buy clothes for the animals and treat their animals like their human as I respect that I get it but some of y'all just go too far in this is an example of going too far I know that your dog I know you know dogs are man's best friend you know you treat your pet like he's a human you treat your pet like he's a child but no can you imagine going to jail and somebody says what you informed you say me and my dog to the cops on a high speed chase and nobody questions it because they just think you talk about your homie not to mention I'm not just waving off the fact that the dog couldn't been driving that vehicle while things on the internet I've seen dogs walking on hind legs like humans I've seen rats taking showers and sinks I mean using the soap and everything I feel like these animals are are way smarter and have gotten way smarter than we give them credit for I mean animals have always been smart so that's the reason no or had more animals on the ark then people because the animals were smart enough to listen to no one no it's all night it was about the rain and that's why a lot of animals been around for thousands of years and as Paul gas human's lifespan is limited for all we know this could be in it this could have been one of those pit bull you know man hybrid who can actually talk what he only speaks to his owner he told his owner that he wanted to learn how to drive in so he's older tall dogs follow directions you tell a dog to sit and stay he listens you tell a humanistic and stay well we go to the club during a global pandemic not a fifty one year old man has been charged with the why reckless driving hit and run felony and it's not clear if the pit bull face any charges in this incident I have nothing else to say here are some doggy days just Saddam so please give this unidentified fifteen fifty one year old man from Washington state the Pegasi are I certainly think it's a doggie today yes indeed right when we come back as women's history month and this is the last one today is the thirty first so we reppin today we going out with a bang ye yes read this somebody who is very powerful and today we are representing and honoring said Jenner truth all right we'll get into that next keep it locked as the breakfast club good morning can yeah G. the it will be if we my queen only now because I got to make money we can he the the I know you I see because I mean the black thank you to talk about it the everybody is DJ envy Angela yee Charlamagne the god we are the breakfast club is women's history month and we reckon today let's today we are honoring Syngenta truth she was an African American woman the abolitionist and she was also a women's rights activist now she was best known for her speech about racial inequalities ain't I a woman that was delivered in eighteen fifty one she was born into slavery and escape of their infant daughter to freedom in eighteen twenty six and she also went to court to recover her son in eighteen twenty eight and became the first black woman to win such a case against a white man so here is Kerry Washington performing her speech at the voices of a people's history event and this is the famous and now women speech it's women's history month and we're celebrating the most influential women in history check out this phenomenal look what what's all this he's talking about that man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages and they have the best place everywhere nobody ever helps me into carriages over mud puddles gives me any best please remain on women look at me look at my I have planned and planted and gathered into barns and no man could head me and a woman I could work as much in as much as any man when I can get it and I compare the lashes well and woman I have borne thirteen children seem most sold off into slavery and when I cried out with a mother's grief none but Jesus heard me and they not woman the man in the back there he says women can't have as much right as me because Christ wasn't a woman we waited your crest come from he came from god and a woman main thing I'm gonna do with it it's the first woman god ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone well these women here together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again and they asked him to do it let that was another phenomenal woman in history yes said today we are honoring Sojourner truth she was truly ahead of her time a very brave woman imagine having to go to court to recover your own son and becoming the first black woman to win that type of case and of course you guys know that in I. woman speech if you don't know it this is the perfect time for you to go back and research that while we're at home all right well thank you miss eat I was a great month now we come back we got the positive notes at all movies the breakfast club good morning if you have little we would see see see thank you the woman the you'll do you'll those schools Jules morning everybody's T. J. N. VI instantly use all the means that we are the breakfast club now on my list today I gotta go see I got to see Joe exotic I got to see that lane repacking yeah this is your about demanding you know given that tiger bone you want to watch now that does not happen on there no also I have to go check out I have to finish Ozark MO season two sizes finish that up today as well and I was talking about for the higher films is next Friday's because shatter is brand new to me so I yes said and I watched the room so if you have time to watch that that was a really good movie it's about a room and in this house at this at a couple of guys in the room will give you anything you want you could ask for a million dollars to give you a million dollars you could ask for anything and some things aren't good to ask what are all right well you guys have a great day shall mean you got a positive note yes first ones once a salute if the hustle recipes Nipsey Hussle you know it's been one year since one year today since Nipsey Hussle was taken away from us the world really haven't been the same since he got tragically taken away from us last year I honestly probably think about Nipsey every day his death just eight different but we are thankful for the time we did get with their brother on this planet and he's an **** it's a new symbol of a old way of thinking and that always thinking is do for self okay is something that the honorable Elijah Muhammad in and I taught us any any represent staff for a new era and I love the brother because he pointed people in the direction of those lessons he would receive if he would tell you to go read message to the black rabbi allowed in my home he would tell you to go read the autobiography of Malcolm X. so saluted at brother in on my end with a quote of his okay and I know you see it is going around Instagram all the time is one of my favorite Nipsey Hussle quotes if you say the game is going to test you a lot of us to be a test right now but he said never full stay ten toes down it's not on you is in you and what's in you they can not take away rest in peace if the house will be on the at the you mean thank you we may know more now is by John with thank you G. Stacey Mercedes I need to coming in at three G. me that come on he's just a she I mean even make it to she is just a news just to close who put this together I'm in Dallas as Jones yes why again what I used I they have to have a thirteen like I slept not for tonight seven sixty seven minutes got double bedroom and I still love the settlement cracks down on they don't like I I think it's sell side nothing thank you check all the stripes yeah that's what I we when I shoot my shot that that's what he'd like shakes you to show that I what I don't what black only Z. as an invalid several routes to look busy like where is he no one you know China's she's L. Y. back in high school I used to now I had to deal with dolphins in my hands I do have a you have a thirteen and I mean like right like I right yeah that doesn't feel the syntax thank you like I say you know these guys it's not you she said he worked yeah check check the system these are the sure is what what this is mall Wayne's number Rockwood DJ envy Angela yee and Charlamagne the god this is the breakfast breakfast club the breakfast club Hey Angela yee everybody deserves to be shown off but if uneven under arm skin tone is home try to go with me playing cards I hate planning at the moment is still No shoes to put a hundred bands one five one is the breakfast club good morning be safe out there again the weather's gonna be high fifty degrees discuss a gloomy day so no need to go outside I.

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David Tuesday, Washington discussed on The Breakfast Club

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