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Kansas fifty nine candy state, forty seven alongside Robbie Hummel on debit Kuebler back in a sold out and loud. Allen Fieldhouse inboards, Kansas, Kansas. Kansas state. Do they have probably make one more run down? Well, but three fifty nine to go. It has to do with the way they guard. They're going to give themselves a chance they have to force turnovers. They haven't done it at a high tonight, Kansas just has ten on you compare that the last time these two teams faced off for they had twenty three in Manhattan. We'll see Kansas Kansas state the turnover the jayhawks generate some offense and also make some parameters shots in the half court. They turned him over on the foul from wall. So the moment ago now Kansas state with the basketball in the half operating in the left hand offensive zone. Here's brown. Driving down the right side of the lane gets you the traffic shot blocked away and take it away by Grimes. Now the picked away from behind, and it stays with Kansas and a whistle and a foul and that's dean away, and that's his fifth. Wades fouling out in a scramble situation to get the loose falls. It was hoped away from behind by berry Brown junior Grimes Dotson and weighed all met in the same spot and ways fouls out with eight points as every wanted field stands up and is back and forth. As Wade walks to the bench, there fondly saying goodbye to a native son of Saint John Kansas playing in his final game at Allen Fieldhouse. Inbound lawson. Team foul number four on Kansas state has Grimes works it up top two loss and left side. Not a DASA shots. It'll drive baseline got into the air. The ball spike off the court to Lightfoot. Here's crimes fakes the past Ribes right side of the lane layup, no good. But he draws the foul Kansas got very fortunate against as he went up and just a sensually slammed the ball into the end of the floor bounced into the hands of Lightfoot. And then the drive-by Grimes draws the foul will again fifty fifty plays. And it just seems like Kansas bend the quicker team to the basketball, especially in the second half. Mike, you said a strange.

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