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Remember red blend from a NAPA winery that was selling for sixty bucks. The. The wineries website that trader Joe's was celebrate twelve ninety nine. I remember Penal Nuwara that the. Company and made it with sign up for ninety nine dollars, a magnum that trader Joe's was selling for thirteen dollars. You know you get those prices and not everyone. Is that price? But that's kind of the fun is because you're getting these winds. That, you don't know where they're from their negotions. By this point. You kind of have a history trader Joe's. And you're getting these name brand wineries making wines, and you know sometimes you don't know because a name you know some name brand. wineries sold it to this company who then context rated Joe's and has. Make an Kinda bounces down the road a ways. But that's kind of fun. I liked that aspect of the winds and you really don't. There are negotions out there the retail shops. There's a couple of people are doing that stuff and. But it doesn't mean it's not as elaborate a trader. Joe's a couple of people doing negotions. You can go to retail shop and get negotiate wine. But you don't always. It's not always as up front as trader Joe's and as inexpensive as trader Joe's. So. That's I really like that aspect of it where I don't know I'm going to have a one line when it's done, it's done who is it? Where is it? Why is it in? Is Actually. As good as your hoped it to be in whatever and all. He doesn't quite do that as much. Aldi also has. their champagne. Last year was the best wine I think I had all year is a nineteen ninety nine champagne, and then they had the The Rosa from Provence that sold out in our and a half. So. As they're crazy deals to and their. Their, wines that are interesting, so that's edgy, got us a huge. Huge buying power. They have a ton of stores where they can move wine. Put Hair, but they're. They're getting really good. They're really. They started out working with European winemakers, and like I, said their reputation in Europe is huge and United States getting pretty good, too, and you know just because you're seen price of what's debts to Chiba. Camping any good. There are advantages that. By being store is, you'd be surprised. How many people have store fronts pretty much? Every grocery store any kind of. Liquor store. Chain of any size has some wines in there. That's just their wind brand. There's so many bandages to have brand just made for you. Because you're you're cutting out. Certain costs that are that are really substantial cost sometimes. And with trader Joe's. Me If. WanNa know who made the wine. Look at the back label, because always says you know what part of California Washington. Oregon it was made that and look at what city that is and type in wineries from that city. Whatever the biggest one isn't that setting? That's probably who made it. So there are really good wineries making their wine. There's reasons why they have bandages of cost in the have, they can sell a lot of wine. The more you, the more wine, you can sell cheaper, you can sell it. Why want to sell it to them? You get a wine trader Joe's relying on wind the trader Joe's. You're pretty much. You're you're going to make a profit that year. Because you're. GonNa Pay Upfront. You're going to move a lot of grapes. You can some wineries like so a lot of wine inexpensively, and that's how to make their profit, and they make these high end wines. That makes a reputation. So this is a win. Win All way around the board. That's kind of why we go to trader Joe's and all. Because you get wines in the right. Price Point that we're looking for. They know how to pick out wines. Winds are usually pretty interesting. They seem to take care of IT I. Don't get that many bad bottles of wine. They're not overheating and they're not doing bad things with them. They seem to move quick enough, so there really isn't any problems with the that can go wrong. They're interesting. They're fun. The European wines are kind of like how they drink in Europe and American wines are some the biggest winemakers making them lions. And, that's why we picked out trader. I guess they're not the only place to go. There's a lot of value priced wines at retail wine shops, and we'll get into that tune a little bit. We'll go in a little different regions. What have you? But. There's reasons why they're inexpensive. There's reasons why we like them, and there's reason why they're pretty interested in the nave over the years. They've gotten really good at doing what they do. And they have wines. You gotta take a chance. You got to like what they do. But if you do like what they're, winds are going to get a bargain, and that's what cheap wind finer is all about, and that's why we go to cheap wine finder and all to find wines to write about a good deal of time and I think last year. Nine of the top ten wine reviews on our website or from trader, Joe's Aldi. Seems like the rest of you like to? So. It's for me on this one Keep a cheap. And come something pretty soon. And hope everything's open it up. Everything's Nice and sunny and. Hopefully things. Are Better no justice, no peace and I'll be talking. Bye Bye!.

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