Finsbury Park Mosque, Britain, Tom Foty discussed on CBS 60 Minutes


Cbs news update following recent deadly terrorist van attacks in london there's been another incident tonight in the british capital outside a muslim house of worship it was just off to people would have attended prayers at finsbury park mosque and i'm not local area could a wall a large group of people just gathering after careers and not area reporter mark white of britain's sky news look it up a moment secondly from what i witnesses were saying wore a deliberate attack we are waiting for confirmation kuna police that dotted the case one person is in custody as he notes we don't have much confirmed yet from authorities but there are some unconfirmed newspaper reports we do need to note one from the evening standard automan and armed with a knife jumped out of that vehicle near the mosque with at least one person stabbed while the sun newspaper reports to moss worshippers fear that tonight in london cbs news update i'm tom foty the kfqd weather forecast overnight mostly cloudy skies lows the mid 40s tomorrow sunshine increasing clouds every day in the mid six cloudy rain showers developing low overhead skies with morning lanes tapering to showers in the evenings hi this is cbs sixty minutes on news talk one or three point seven fm and seven fifty am kfqd if you've been thinking about leaving in the united states moving to another country and changing her nationality it's never been easier to do in this era of globalization.

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