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Excited about a real paycheck and the potential exposure the band was shocked that a commercial that ran all the time during March madness had the opposite effect. The was great for the beer but not so much for the long riders who were mocked mercilessly by other bands and watched their record sales drop. Many other alternative bands did beer commercials, ex Los Lobos. The DELPHI goes but none felt the sellout wrath like the long ryders for them. It was more of an unhappy our. Style has always been on sale rock and roll whether the institution will admit or not has always been nearly equally indebted to the fashion as it is to the music. So, beauty close have always been fertile ground for the trendiest youth to sell the latest fad. The Schengen laws on earth, the wave of insecurity and teen girls with their how pretty can you get radio spots giving out revlon makeup tips for Gals who wanting to get dolled up for guys who are.

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