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Out the song, and I was just as methodical as I could possibly be. And later, page said, you find that great and I'm like, oh, I've learned to hate this song. Really nails it. Because people murder this all the time. And then jonesy who we've worked with is like, playing a go, you know, he's really sweet too. They're all really sweet. Sort of like, but I love the way that the musical director guy at the Kennedy Center, how they planned the arrangements, so beautifully because it starts out one instrument, and it grows, and then it grew to a small enzyme called singers. Then it grew to another small ensemble of strings. And then it grew to a larger ensemble of orchestra and brass, and another larger ensemble of choir. Then the bowler hat at the end of it was just like, that was the whole clincher. And the fact that Jason Bonham was drums, the son of their original drummer John, he tipped his bowler to them up in the balcony. All of that is why they were emotional. Reaction to the song because it was a surprise being so presented and most of all, I think Jason Bono, you know, just grab them by their hearts. Especially with the bowl or that his dad used to wear, right? I know. Exactly. Along the same lines you mentioned that you did blackbird on your new album you and me. And you also did a Geico favorite fixing a hole. Lots of different bits and bobs in that tune. A lot of cool parts. Yeah. So I did the sacrilegious thing.

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