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Power well of course in apples newest iphones you could charge them wirelessly so that's what that's what test but believe and she tried to convince george well uh jp morgan for example could jp morgan i can transmit our wirelessly so everybody gets greet power well jp morgan said why would i invested in that warren invested in something you're giving away free so that collapsed but i mean think of it today um but believe that he could generate power from the sun people leave it every single house w single dwelling and this is a workable invention if you could magnify to raise the sun to the point where you could go oneup to create steam steam could try generator that generator could powerhouse who needs the electrical power grid when you could have your own power source this is the beginning of the solar power revolution that we have in the united states and round the world today so um in terms of uh what is literally hundreds of years ahead of his time that one of his biggest inventions which we now have this is what we are deploying on ort battlefields now what the radio guided torpedo he presented this to the naval operations aboard the nipple consulting boy at the very outset of world war one you can imagine attitude demonstrated this device by the way in madison square garden uh in in the tunes he believed that you could send wave which we can were doing this now school they're called drones and basically you could guy to torpedo electronically kuwait's mark well anderson turned the whole project down didn't want any part of it and his argument was very simple if you you could generate and electric a radio wave to guide a torpedo what would stop an enemy from jamming that radiowave or worse scooping that wave to turn the torpedo around against you and we know that now because that's exactly what happened to an american made drone over iran when the iranian both that signal the gps and landed the drone in its own territory so i mean th that's how far ahead of his time kessler was.

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