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Leg. He still has vaginal bleeding. Her weight was 67 kg. She's now 52 kg. She's 5 FT six inches tall. She has difficulty walking from the cancer from the cancer, says difficulty walking. The cancer is just growing through the bones and growing through her pelvis. She was treated without any complete staging. So the cat scan. She did have a cat scan afterwards, which showed cancer spreading to the left side of the pelvis and the vagina and the bladder and the rectum and the pelvic sidewall eating through the right hip bone. Eating through the sake room eating through the common iliac vessels. Wow. And I examined her. She was weak could walk only a few Steps because of her weakness. And so here she is. Years after being diagnosed with flooded the vagina had a few treatments stopped. All the treatments start food and exercise with helper. Cancer kept on growing. Then she had standard radiation one of the big hospitals and she's here now to try to get better. So what are we doing for number one were staging or up to see where the cancer is. Trying to get rid of the pain and suffering. Try to relieve the pain, relieve the suffering and shrink the cancer. And that's the work that we do every day and many times she would say, Dr Lieberman's You treat stage four cancer? Yes. And you treat cancer in the bone? Yes. And you treat cancer Lymphomas? Yes. Why? Because you have Ah. High.

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