Doc Rivers, Jalen Brown, Kyrie discussed on Boston Herald Radio


I agree with you. They have it. Jalen Brown problem? They've terrorism problem, you can give at least Gordon Hayward. You could see he he's trying out there. I just he's not there yet. No, I sometimes it looks like terrorism not trying at all. Or are you just playing from self? I mean, you had a dunk the other night, and he's going with Jalen Jason Tatum in they're banging chest under the basket. And meanwhile, the other. Teams running down the court for a lay up in these two guys seems like terrorism hasn't hit a three oh year. I mean, I know he has but every time. Well, it's one thing ties Marcus Smart's, become your best three point shooters, these reliable Klay Thompson out there. But it's it's your they've had a problem with some of these guys. Like, I'm saying Kyrie's calling them out. I get that. Maybe you don't agree. Somebody might not agree with how he's doing it. But it's not all on kyri and all carry being a leader on and off the court. There's a bunch of other guys in the team that need to hold up their end of the bargain to coach who I'd be criticizing all year long. Who you talk about meek personalities? He's got a relatively meek personality. He's not a boisterous head coach, Doc Rivers. No. He's more liberal. Yeah. And that is not helping he could tell his, you know, he he could say fall you guys got to fall in line here kick, Jaylen Brown in the ass whatever's going on, but he's not done it. You know, the five out there. A big moments is Morrison. Smart Hayward Horford Kyrie and the kids are sitting on the bench and then done this numerous times at the end of games. 'cause I think those guys are gonna play defense and play together much better. So Memphis tonight at TD garden Celtics trying to win their first championship with this group. A team that's won five championships together. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. We're going to hear from their owner Robert Kraft who says both are the best ever. We'll talk about that next on the rundown. Because you genius has now destroyed the impediment of the terrestrial radio..

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